Twins: Two late to take it back

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First, a brief intro: I used to write here all the time before I started working full-time again. And then I was just overwhelmed. Ten months later I’m finally fitting it all in with some time to shower and sleep. I’m a mom of twin girls, now entering the wonderful, terrible, very dramatic but totally awesome 3.5. These posts will take a few steps back and share a little hard-earned wisdom to life with young twins. These are not meant to criticize anyone — let alone myself — but rather show that we don’t always get it right and that’s perfectly OK.

First up: Pregnancy.

The issue: Preparing for Twins

What I did: I read and read and read everything related to having twins. I spent hours on Web sites. Even more hours in online forums, soaking up every single detail about birthing twins, caring for twin infants, raising twins. I could almost repeat what the books said verbatim by the time my girls were born at 38.6 weeks. (They were NOT coming out by the way. They were born by scheduled C-section.)

What I did wrong: I did not read enough about caring for babies. Just babies. One baby.

My advice now: Focus on the baby care for the first half of your pregnancy. Once you have that down, focus on the multiples factor. Understand that even though you have twins, you really just have two babies who are very different, and very special on their own. They might come out in one (not-so-neat) package but that doesn’t mean you will need to care for them the exact same. In fact, you won’t (at least some of the time).

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3 thoughts on “Twins: Two late to take it back”

  1. I so needed this post when I was pregnant. I did the exact same thing, and now with 6 week old twins I find I have more questions about the general baby stuff rather than the twins. I definitely should have read some basic baby care books when I had the time, but oh well! But thankfully my boys have been such good babies so far, and I have a good support system I can go to if I need the help.

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