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At times, I feel being a first time mom to twins is quite the comedy of errors- at the beginning especially.  Ever feel like the guy from ‘Candid Camera’ is going to jump out and tell you that you trying to balance multiples is all on film for the world to laugh at??! Well, new moms of multiples: hang in there and have hope!   Of course with every stage there are new challenges, but I think that we have finally gotten the hang of it (for the time being!).  I will never forget that very first time I was alone with Reese and Riley though…



(R & R were both home by Halloween, so I dressed the tiny girls up in cat tutus from PetsMart- ha!)

About 10 minutes after the evening my parents left after staying with us for a week when both girls were finally home from the NICU (at the time my hubby was in grad school and in class), BOTH girls started crying in unison wanting to eat.  (We call that our chorus line.)  So… I gave Riley her paci and started feeding Reese… then switched.  There was quite a bit of crying, but we made it thru and even managed to “fight off” nosy Cali dog (she’s a toy poodle) who LOVES milk and LOVES the girls.  Literally an hour later the same thing happened– hungry again- both crying.  I finally fed, changed, and calmed both down (AGAIN) and warmed up some left over pizza for dinner.  I was sitting on the couch with the girls by me on their Boppy pillows when I bit into my crust and something HARD was in my mouth!  I thought my molar had fallen out!  This is SO RANDOM, but it was a BOLT (as in nut and bolt) that was IN my pizza crust!!  YUCK!   So that threw me for a loop!  The girls were still sleeping (a solid 20 minutes- whoo hoo!), so I decided I needed to pump. I brought the pump out into the living room since the girls were sleeping there in their bassinet.  As I was putting it on the end table, I knocked over my entire glass of water- all over my phone, remote, pump, the floor… you name it.  So after cleaning it up, just as I was “hooked up,” Riley was screaming… all the way across the room in her bed.  I figured she was hungry again- I was clueless… desperate…- so I “unscrewed” one of the bottles to give her.  Not to go into too many details… (probably TMI!)… I wasn’t paying attention, but dripped milk ALL over the pillow in my lap as well as ALL over my jeans!  I didn’t notice until Cali started licking it uncontrollably.  So- I fed Riley, changed her, put her down, and changed all while Reese was screaming.  I picked Reese up and put her on the changing “table” which really is just a bassinet- she was surrounded by sides– couldn’t fall out of anything, and she fell right asleep, so I sat by her, but hooked back up to finish pumping.  In the meantime, Cali noticed this blanket bundle (AKA Reese) moving and she was scared of it.  She began barking over and over and would not stop… which was then waking up the girls. Cali then needed to go outside, but it was storming- raining like crazy, which made her hesitant to go out (she’s a poodle- remember??), so I just cracked the back door for her.  When I went back to close it a few minutes later- it had rained IN my house a TON- duh!  Oh what a night- the girls then had been down for about 20 minutes and then Hubby came home—Hallelujiah!   The early days are such a blur, but oh my goodness so many times- we just had to laugh!

My girls are now 9 1/2 months and Reese is crawling!  So as I now try to balance one crawler and one sitter, the challenges never cease, but look at these faces… I find them irresistible!


(Reese, Riley)

I still have those “candid camera” moments, but being a mom of multiples is so special!  Every day and every stage is worth it (and gets easier to some extent!)- I promise!  Do you agree?  What’s been your favorite stage with your multiples?

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9 thoughts on “The {ScArY} 1st Night Alone…”

  1. Wow this post brought back so many memories. LOL. First off, your girls are gorgeous.

    I have 14 month old ID boys and in the beginning I used to keep their feedings 30 minutes apart. I can remember like it was yesterday feeding one and rocking the other in a bouncy seat with my foot trying to keep him calm. Most days it worked but some days it didn’t. Sometimes I would cry and tell the other I was so sorry I couldn’t get to him at that exact moment.

    Now looking back at it I have to laugh. Twins surely do learn patience at such an early age.

    As for favorite a favorite stage..when they could feed themselves. No..kidding. Every stage has been my favorite, until the next one comes along and THAT one is my favorite.

    It really is fun, and it really does get easier. Or maybe we’re just so tired that’s what we think!

  2. This reminds me so much of my first times alone with the twins. My husband travels for work so when his paternity leave was over and my MIL left after helping for a few weeks, I was all by myself for 96 hours at a time. Yikes! And the thing I was most scared of was the feeding them by myself part.

    Now, they are 7 months old and the feeding is probably the easiest part of my day. Figures, haha!! It’s the keeping them entertained that’s tough now. :)

  3. For the first year my husband and I had to work opposite schedules since we simply couldn’t afford child care for four. One of the first nights I was by myself, I just had a break down. All four girls were crying and I couldn’t do ANYTHING to make them stop… couple this with the fact that I needed to get some sleep before going to work and I just lost it. When Hubby came home he came in our bed room and asked “whose crying should I deal with first? Yours or theirs?” He looked baffled and it made me laugh. Everyone always asks me if it gets easier… there are different challenges and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. BTW… love love love the cat tutus for Halloween. Great idea.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..There Will Be Blood =-.

  4. Haha, I remember my first day totally solo with the kids. Within 15 minutes of M leaving the house for work, they were both screaming and the dog threw up. I counted it a major success as I did not immediately burst into tears. :-)

  5. My husband had to use sick days to get paid leave after our twins were born. I was discharged on a Wednesday, and he was home with us through the weekend. When he left for work Monday morning, I stood at the window and cried as I watched his car drive away. I was so scared! It took about 3 weeks to get the hang of things, and, of course, now (at 15.5 months) it’s old hat. But on those rare days when my husband has to be out late and I have to do the entire day- wake up through bedtime- all on my own, I wonder how people (those with traveling spouses, single parents, partners who work late, etc.) do it solo all the time. My hat’s off to you!

  6. I remember one day I was home alone w/ my 2 month old twins and my then 2 year old. I had finally gotten the twins both latched on when my toddler started to play with the land line phone. He pushed the buttons until the busy signal started. Then he walked away. I begged. I pleaded. I offered him $100 (no kidding) to just turn the phone off or bring it to mommy. No such luck. I sat there for 20 minutes listening to it beep. Now I can look back and laugh.

  7. my twins are just a month older then yours. It is so true how much of it is a blur when they are little. My twinkies are starting to walk and I look back to when they could barely move it goes by so fast. Your story was funny.

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