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For all my talk about getting out with (and without) the kids, this weekend provided a way-overdue first in my house: leaving the kids with a real babysitter for a real date.

I briefly had a regular babysitter when my kids were about six months old, a college student who came a few afternoons a week.  And on the rare occasion that my parents or in-laws are in town, they might stay at home after we put the kids to bed and let us go out for dinner.

But, somehow, this was different.  A person quite unrelated to us.  A person we paid (a silly quantity of money) to come stay at our house on a Saturday night.  As we have no family in the area and are relatively new in our town, we don’t have a long list of high school students at our beck and call. But M’s coworker’s fiancée is looking for sitting hours?  Well, that’s all the motivation we needed.

I will admit to some anxiety on the timing. We had tickets to an 8:00 movie, and figured we should get there at 7:30 to get seats. That’s when we’re usually walking out of the kids’ room after stories.  We hemmed and hawed and my husband thought we should put them to bed early so we’d be done before we needed to leave.  I was the one who made the executive decision that the sitter (whom they had never met before) would put the kids to bed.

Gasp! Is such a thing even possible?

Well, duh, of course it is.  They’re nearly two. They have a very well-established bedtime routine. They are, really, quite easy. But we were stuck in that infant mindset of “oh, we couldn’t possibly ask someone else to put them to bed, it’s just too hard!”  Pshaw. The sitter came at 7 and played with them for a little bit. We all went upstairs and I got the kids into the tub.  Pulled out some pajamas, told the sitter where the books were and whose bed was whose, and we left.  Some minor whining as we said goodbye, but by the time we got downstairs, all was quiet.

I will admit that we both sat in that movie theater with our phones in our hands, just in case we didn’t hear it ring or feel it vibrate. We briefly considered calling to ask how bedtime went.  (We did not, in fact, call.)

Being out at the movie was a delight, and we came home to a perfectly quiet house.  If the kids were perhaps a touch clingy in the morning, it was nothing outside the normal range of toddler clinginess.

Was it a lot of money to have someone basically watch TV? You bet.  But the feeling of not being chained to our house after the kids go to bed? Priceless.

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14 thoughts on “Way Overdue”

  1. I’m so glad you had a nice evening out! Was the movie good?

    We’ve recently started using a just wonderful sitter that we pay a rather obscene amount of money to. The boys go to bed by 6:30 at the latest, so it’s really an easy job, but it is nice to get out at night once in a while.
    .-= bekki´s last blog ..Hazard Pay =-.

  2. So.Jealous. 😉

    Yep. We’re still of the mindset that no one else can put our kids to bed…and it would be down-right horrible for us to push it on anyone else. *sigh* we so need to get over ourselves 😉

    I think we’ve just found a good mother’s helper…who we should be able to groom into a great babysitter as she gets older. Keepin’ my fingers crossed for that one…
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Makes My Monday =-.

  3. Good for you, girl!
    And thank you for reminding me of how fortunate we are to have family nearby. (though we still only get out after bedtime…we’re workin’ on it!)

  4. Nice..we’ve been trying to figure out how to go about this also. Although we will try and put my girls to bed before we leave, so basically we will have to pay someone to watch tv also..whatever it takes to for a date, I’ll do it. :)
    Love reading your blog BTW, just found it last week.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..Asking for prayers =-.

  5. Next time, hire a sitter for Saturday morning! Go out for brunch, shopping, whatever, and come home at the start of nap time! :) That way, you REALLY reap the rewards of paying someone to be with your kids.

  6. Krissy, that is pure genius!!!! I have never before considered the Saturday morning babysitter. We are far away from family, too, so date nights for us are generally only when grandparents are in town for a weekend. We just moved, too, so I am busy scouting out prospective sitters at church….now, to find a teenager who will get up on a Saturday morning may be my biggest challenge!
    .-= Carrie in SD´s last blog .."Oh, Door!" =-.

  7. Yay you! Glad you did it. Once you start it gets easier. We always ask our sitter to text us (having college student sitters makes this a no brainer). Just a few words like, all asleep, enjoy! makes a difference in our relaxation level (and works even in a movie theater).

  8. yay! so glad you had time with your hubby and bit of time away from your kiddos. I agree… it certainly is worth the money for the occasional much needed date night! Loving Krissy’s idea too!
    .-= amy o´s last blog ..Wicked Weekend! =-.

  9. we do the Saturday morning sitting, too. My partner works until 1ish so I get them down for their nap, sitter comes and sits, then gets them up, plays, gives them lunch, plays some more. I get to do my errands, train for a half marathon, drive around, whatever, and sometimes meet my partner for lunch. We get home right when the afternoon naps starts. Awesome.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Fifteen Month Newsletter =-.

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