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I planned to write a coherent, reflective, thought provoking review of Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s new book about sleep and multiples, but it will have to wait.

Instead, I’m going to write a self-indulgent, hopefully humorous, look at a recent day in my life.

Just to provide some background… at the end of June we decided to sell our house.  We want it on the market by the end of July and my husband won’t have a day off this month since July 6 to 31 since he’s taking a course every weekend.

So, I’m very busy getting everything clean, packed and organized, which is part of the reason my blogging is suffering.


Here is a numerical look at one morning this week…

Getting Going

Number of errands I planned to accomplish: 4

1. Drop 2.5 year old at the babysitter’s, after getting him up, dressed and fed
2. Grocery store,
3. Paint store,
4. Children’s consignment store

Number of babies I had hoped to have in their pajamas when we left – that’s easier than dressing them: 2 little girls

Number of babies still in their pajamas when we left: 1 little girl

Number of babies who spit up all over as we got ready to leave and needed to be changed before we could leave: 1 little girl

Number of noisy toys that 2.5 year-old son insisted on bringing: 1

Amount of time I was willing to take up arguing about it: 0 minutes

Number of trips to get the car loaded: 4

1. 2.5 year old with his noisy toy,
2. Diaper bag and one baby,
3. Purse, water bottle and other baby,
4. Double stroller

Number of phone calls I made on the way out the door: 1 (to the babysitter to tell her I would be arriving late)

Number of minutes I was late leaving to drop off 2.5 year-old at the babysitter’s: 20+ minutes

First Stop

Driving time to first stop after the babysitter’s (grocery store): less than 5 minutes

Number of available parking spots: lots and lots and lots as my 2.5 year old would say

(Note to self: grocery store isn’t very busy at 8:45 on Tuesday morning)

Number of babies sleeping when I put them in the double stroller: 2 little girls

Number of babies sleeping by the time I got inside the store: 1 little girl in pajamas

Amount of time it took to get refund on purchase from Sunday: 5 minutes

Number of times I had to answer questions about twins while getting refund: 2

Number of white candles I bought to give our bathrooms a “spa feeling”: 9

Number of cream candles I bought because they were the closest colour to an “earth tone” I could find: 3

Types of white towels I had to examine in order to find a “fluffy” set: 3 (obviously a white towel, isn’t just a white towel)

Number of white towels and facecloths I bought to create the same “spa feeling”: at least a dozen

(Hopefully, I can return the extras… I have no idea what I’ll do with a dozen white towels and 3 children under age 3!)

Amount of time I spent looking for two items that I never found (garbage bags and training underwear for the 2.5 year old): probably only 5 minutes, but it felt like longer with all the stuff I was carrying and pulling

Number of people who stopped me to ask about twins: 5+, most of them were store employees

Number of people who offered to help while I carried a basket of candles and towels, and pulled a double stroller with a bag of groceries on it: 0

Number of important discoveries I made: 1 – It is easier to pull a double stroller while carrying a heavy basket than it is to push a double stroller while carrying a heavy basket

Number of babies asleep at the end of first stop: 1 little girl in pajamas

Number of babies starting to fuss by the time we got to the car: 1 little girl in a dress

Amount of time I spent wondering whether I should bother with next 2 errands: as long as it took to get to the car – if I put it off, I’ll have to bring 2 babies and their older brother with me next time

Amount of time I spent panicking when I thought I locked my keys in the trunk: 5 seconds, then I realized they were in my purse

Number of times I wondered if there was a drive-thru close by to get a snack without getting out of the car: 2, or 3, or maybe 4 – hey, I’m a hungry, breastfeeding mom of twins

Second Stop

Amount of time to get to next stop (paint store): less than 5 minutes

Number of babies who are still awake a second stop: 1 little girl in a dress

Amount of time spent wondering whether it is worth it to take out the double stroller to walk from a parking spot right in front of the door in to the paint store: 15 seconds divided as follows:

Amount of time spent calculating that I would be carrying 25+ lbs of baby, plus two car seats while opening the door: 14 seconds
Amount of time spent deciding if it was worth it to get out double stroller: 1 second

Number of paint samples I need to buy to do touch ups in our house: 2

Number of paint chips I had to go through to find the right colours because I’d left that information at home: Lots and lots and lots

Number of paint samples I need that the store had in stock: 1, but they’ll call me when the other colour comes in

Number of people who ask about twins: 2, both store employees (the paint store is also very quiet on Tuesday mornings)

Number of people who offer to hold the door while I maneuver my way out with a double stroller: 0

Third Stop

Amount of time to third stop (children’s consignment store): less than 1 minute, it is about 3 doors down

Number of bibs I plan to buy for babies: 2 or more so I don’t have to wash them so often

Number of bibs in stock: 0, the cashier suggests I go to Wal-Mart instead

Amount of time spent considering going back to Wal-Mart before going home, and unloading and reloading the car to find 2 bibs inside the Super Center which I’ve never visited before: 2 seconds, I can wash the bibs they already have

Amount of time spent considering whether to buy a double jogging stroller that I see for sale: long enough to walk over to it

Amount of time spent considering whether to buy same jogging stroller when I see that it costs $350 second-hand: 0 seconds

Number of teething soothers I decide to buy since I’m there and they have some in stock: 2, otherwise this trip would have been a complete waste

Number of customer appreciation stamps I would get for my purchase if I had my card: 1

Number of stamps that the cashier put on a new card for me: 1

Number of cards that I have at home with one stamp each:  I don’t even want to guess, probably lots and lots and lots

Number of people who ask about twins: 0 (they see lots of babies in the children’s consignment store)

Number of people who offer to hold the door while I maneuver my way out with a double stroller: 0

Number of babies who are awake and getting noisier: 1 little girl in a dress, and 1 little girl in pajamas

Going Home

Amount of time it takes to get home: 15 minutes including getting babies and stroller in car

Number of trips it takes to get everything in the house: 4

1. Unlock door,
2. Babies, – two car seats – one in each hand
3. Groceries,
4. Diaper bag and other purchases
(I left the stroller in the car)


Total time to make three stops: almost 2 hours

Number of hungry babies when we got home: 2 little girls – and one mommy too!

Number of ideas I have about what to feed them: None, but I have to find one pretty quickly

Number of things I didn’t find on my errands: paint, 2 items from grocery store, bibs

Amount of time I was home before paint store called to say my colour had arrived: less than an hour

Amount of time before I have to pack up 2 babies to go to the babysitters to pick up 2.5 year-old son: 5 hours

Number of things on my “to-do” list for those 5 hours: lots and lots and lots

Number of things I actually get done: not very many

Number of smiles from two happy, full, clean, and (finally) dressed baby girls: lots and lots and lots

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15 thoughts on “One typical, crazy morning”

  1. Hats off to you! I totally relate to the “minute by minute” approach and the fact you’re always looking to the next step ahead. The MoM’s of the world have different brains, our brains are always ON and always planning, out of necessity. Without a plan, it all falls apart. The other thing is the drive-thru. I won’t confess how many times the McDonalds drive thru has saved my sanity and that of my three boys. With a large mocha in hand and about 20 Mc Nuggets, we have survived a few too many summer afternoons.

  2. That last item always washes away the frustration of the previous 2 hours, doesn’t it? :)

    I always count backwards from the final destination to decide how much time I have for a trip. I need to be here by 2:00, so I need x time for the drive, x time to get everyone in the car, x time for diaper/possible clothing changes… I always figure in some extra time, but don’t always make it to my destination in time. *sigh* I hate being late, but what are you going to do?
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Blog, what blog? =-.

  3. Honestly? I got tired reading this halfway through, because it’s my day, every day. I think I may just email this to all my friends and family who just don’t get how much harder EVERYTHING is when you’re juggling two babies.

    Loved it. :)

  4. This is so funny. Thanks for posting. I swear all of our outings, errands seem to look similar to that these days. It is amazing how much energy we can expend doing what would have been such simple stops before the babies.

    I have now begun to go out 1-2 evenings a week and do most of my errands after the babies go to bed. It takes about 20 minutes to do what would have been 5 hours with them. Plus the fresh air sans babies is a nice break for me!
    .-= Vicky @ thecitycradle´s last blog ..Once upon a dream… =-.

  5. Haha. Humor is always good. THIS is why I beg my MIL to watch my kids so that I can accomplish 5 errands in 2 hours, not 2 errands in 5 hours.

    The local (really good) bagel shop has a drive-thru. Saved me in those early, BFing days! Now I just drag the kids in. Poor kiddos.

    I find very few people hold a door open for a double stroller. Isn’t that odd? I actually think more people hold the door for us now—when I’m holding two two year olds by the hand.

  6. Love it!
    And you’re right, no one EVER holds the door for the Mom with the double stroller. But everyone is quick to bother them with questions once they are through the door.
    .-= Cynthia´s last blog ..Summer So Far =-.

  7. I’m exhausted just reading this. Story of my life — no wonder I’m always so tired.

    If I had a dollar for every time someone has said “Looks like you have your hands full!” but doesn’t lift a finger to help…!
    .-= Ellen K.´s last blog ..153 minutes in heaven =-.

  8. I almost peed my pants when I found a drive thru coffee shop near the grocery store. I may have froightened the clerk with my enthusiasm for her new shop, but a new mommy of twins can only go SO long without a skinny caramel latte.

  9. I just finished up running my 2 errands that took 3 hours. Now I am even more tired from reading your blog! :)

    Why is that people think it is so cute that it takes you half an hour to unload your kids from your car? It’s adorable!
    .-= Dane´s last blog ..Crawling =-.

  10. No one else ever TRULY gets it, do they?

    At my annual last month I convinced my OBGYN to run bloodwork. Told her I was sure something was out of whack – I am just EXHAUSTED ALL of the time. She gave me a bit of a smug look, reminded me that we have FOUR kids & handed me the lab order. One week later – surprise! Yep – bloodwork confirmed that I am apparently a very healthy MoM! Everything was as is should be.

    Just had an ‘aha moment’…think I almost wanted that lab report to show something was wrong so that I could justify my fatigue. Hmm…’cause a ‘typical day’ with multiples + is not justifcation enough?????

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