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103This weekend, we attended two lengthy family celebrations. In years past, these sorts of celebrations filled me with dread. Where the normal person sees a relaxing cookout, I see an eternity of chasing kids, sweating, breaking up fights, prying hickory nuts out of small slobbery mouths, etc. Definitely not relaxing.

This weekend was different. My twins will be five in a month, and for the first time at one of these events, my husband and I were both seated and eating at the same time.

We still made many, many runs to the bathroom, and the buffet line is still a bit tricky, but there’s no comparison to the holiday meals and picnics of 2008 and earlier.

We travel light now, too. Potty accidents happen so rarely that we don’t pack extra clothes. The baby is still in diapers, but she’s 2.5 and can last a long time without a change. We don’t have to bring bottles, or baby food, or look for a comfortable place to nurse. We don’t need a stroller, feeding seats, pack and plays, or any of the other gear that goes along with having multiple babies.

So, hang in there. All you have to do is get your kids to 59 months, and you too can enjoy a cookout!

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13 thoughts on “Easy”

  1. Hooray, hooray!

    Honestly, we’re about to leave town for an extended visit with various parts of my family. And I can tell it’s already going to be easier (and more fun) at 24 months than it was at 12.

  2. Thanks for the promise of reprieve.

    MOMs, I have a question.

    I’ve been invited to a number of events (kids’ birthday parties, even) where the host has called me out on not spending enough time with the adults because I’m tending to my kids. We have a 1 adult:2 child ratio. The hosts usually have 2 or 3 adults to one child. I’d understand it if I were a complete helicopter parent, but I’m mostly comforting injured kids, getting them food, or breaking up arguments.

    How do I delicately tell my friends to back off? The fact that I sit down at all at these things feels like a big win to me!
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..One who knows =-.

  3. Really Sadia! I’m surprised you even have to ask. Joining in with the other adults is infinitely more important than keeping an eye on your kids and making sure they’re fed, happy and not missing an eye or limb. How selfish of you! My suggestion is that next time the very lovely hostess of the party points out that your attention to your children is getting in the way of fun (such a drag!), you just hand your kids off to HER so that you can have more time to mingle with her other guests. Problem solved, no?
    .-= Cristal´s last blog ..A Proud Parenting Moment PLUS an Homage to One of My Favorite Bloggers =-.

  4. Sadia – I was just about to offer the same advice as Cristal! No joke! So just smile, help youself to a cocktail & very flatly ask your friend to show you a better way.

    I mean, really! It’s not enough that you are gracious & brave enough to attend a social event, now you’ve got to be critiqued??? Give me a break!

  5. Sadia — Your friends clearly have no clue what your life is like. Cristal’s and multiplemadness’s advice is spot on. Next time one of them makes a comment, hug her and say, “You know, I have waited XX years for someone to offer to look after my kids so I can relax and eat at one of these shindigs. You are so sweet!!!” Then run off and enjoy yourself.

    Make sure that if you hear your kids fighting or crying you call, “Oh, FRIEND, could you check on them?” Then go back to chatting.

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