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Today, my kids turn 2. Two. TWO!  Are you kidding? Didn’t we just start solid foods or stop swaddling them for naps?  No, apparently not.

Of course, the first response you get from people when you mention that your twins are turning two years old is some variation on a groan.  Either they’ll make some mention of the “terrible twos,” or they’ll sadistically grin and say that two is absolutely nothing compared to three.  Um, thanks?

And I get it, I do. These past few months have been but a small preview of what’s to come. Inexplicable tantrums, stealing toys, pushing and hitting and occasional biting.  Insisting on doing things “all by self” and then getting super frustrated if it doesn’t work out. There are times when, if I believed in physical punishment, I think I’d smack the taste right out of their mouths.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg.


But you know what? They’re also so much more fun. They tell me stories, they sing songs. They occasionally take turns without any intervention from me. They remember people and places from weeks and months ago. They are sweet and smart and silly. They are always looking out for each other.

Daniel never, ever stops talking. Becca sings the ABC song to herself when she’s playing. Daniel looks at something new and cool and says “wow” in a stage whisper.  Becca carries a bucket of water all over the backyard saying, “here go Winnie!”, trying to get our dog to take a drink.


Yes, it’s hard and some parts are getting even harder. Yes, they make me bonkers on a very regular basis.  But the good parts get so much better as they get older, I wouldn’t step backwards for a minute.

And, hey, we’re one year closer to preschool, right?

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13 thoughts on “Hold the condolences”

  1. Happy Birthday Daniel and Rebecca!

    So far, I have found that things are getting easier and not harder. The few months pre-2 was terrible at our house. I know we are not out of the woods yet, but I am totally with you on the fun parts!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Par-tay =-.

  2. What a great post – thanks for focusing on the positive, but ‘keepin’ it real’. Isn’t it great to get a glimpse at the world through their eyes?

    Happy Birthday, Daniel & Becca and congrats to mom & dad! Those two look like they’re LOVIN’ life!

  3. Congrats on making it two years with twins! I agree, 2 was so much better than 1. And so far, 3 is so much better than 2.

    I mean really, as fun as it was to teach my kids to say “pity the fool” when they were 2, on vacation they made up their own jokes and when people laughed, they kept it up. They are little people now!
    .-= LauraC´s last blog ..The best of the best of the vacation pictures =-.

  4. Happy Birthday little people :)

    Great post – definitely good to focus on the positive!

    I think the whole thing is that stuff just gets…well, bigger as kids get bigger. Bigger fun stuff along with bigger fits and fights. Makes sense even if it isn’t always easy.
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Makes My Monday: Paint! =-.

  5. Happy birthday!!! Yes, two and three are hard, but, like you mentioned, they’re so much fun, too. This is when personalities develop and independence starts to shine through. Enjoy it and don’t worry about the people who will tell you all about the “terrible twos” or the “terrible threes.”
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Toddlers and Manners =-.

  6. Happy birthday!

    I loved two. Two was all about spontaneous “I love yous” and being happy to play together with minimal intervention from me. Two was no more baby-proofing and getting my house back. Two was the start of creative problem-solving. Three started rocky, but has been even better.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Full to bursting =-.

  7. Happy birthday to your gorgeous twins! We have a long way to go to 2… right now I internally groan every time I hear “it gets better at 1 year.” We’re barely making it at 3 months! But the boys are starting to sleep longer, and we are in a semi-routine, so I can’t ask for much more at this age. Love the post!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Our First Trip to the Zoo ~ August 4, 2009 =-.

  8. Yeah, so I am ALL DONE (complete with sign, because I seem to not be able to stop signing) with people telling me three is the worst yet. I mean, seriously, people—-get a grip. I don’t caare if it’s true, I don’t want to hear it.

    And, happy birthday, kiddos!!! We miss you!

  9. Happy Birthday Kiddos! My girls just turned one and they have a 5 y/o big sister. Yes, every year has it’s challenges, but the great stuff trumps that to the nth degree. At least that is how it was with my first. Twins may be different and if it is, I don’t want to know. Let me have my blissful ignorance :)

  10. My b/g twins just turned two last week. I got both the “terrible two” and “not as bad as three” comments. I thought life started getting fun again around 16 months, and I’ve loved every stage since then. They are so much fun (tantrums and all). Thanks for sharing your happy moments. They remind me of the ones I have every day.

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