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This might be a day late and a dollar short for most of you, but I would love your help compiling advice for expectant mother’s for when they are faced with the daunting task of preparing their baby registries.

Personally, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of buying/choosing/registering for what seemed like a huge amount of baby gear. In fact, I requested a veteran mom walk me through Babies R Us and I took notes while she pointed out the various items I may or may not need. I was so grateful for her help, because it is a huge job to research all of the items for safety ratings/effectiveness/price comparison. And since most of my friends were all having their first baby(s) at the same time, we tended to fuel each other’s drive for baby stuff…especially any item to help with breastfeeding or sleeping!

Would you please leave a comment about what worked or what you would have done differently in terms of baby gear? Thanks!
Krissy’s Registry Cheat-Sheet

  • As far as car seats go: several friends of singletons have since had baby #2. Many of them had the super cute Chicco travel system (stroller and car seat). The problem is, as far as I can tell, Chicco does not make a double front-to-back stroller, and the mom’s are limited to other brands of double strollers that will accept the Chicco car seat. If you hope to have more than one child, you might want to factor this in.
  • Car seat under mats are a worthy addition to your registry. When you first bring home your newborn, it is hard to envision their little feet hanging over their car seats, dripping muddy or snowy water onto your upholstery, but that time will come, likely around their first birthday.
  • In my humble opinion, the one item that I would insist on buying new is the crib mattress. My son has been sleeping and jumping on his mattress for 2+ years, and it has shown considerable wear and tear. The middle is still nice and firm, but the sides have taken a real beating. There is now enough room between the crib mattress and crib slats for a newborn to get stuck. I know, because his stuffed dog (newborn sized) often ends up wedged down there.
  • The big stuff: exersaucers, bouncy seats, bumbos and swings all have a VERY short life span…borrow them or buy them used if you can. The amount of space they will require in your home is enormous, and you will resent their perfectly matched presence even more if you paid full price for them!
  • One of the biggest wastes of money for many moms are infant carriers. The problem is, you don’t really know what will work for you (how it feels, fits, any area’s of back pain, infant head support, etc. ) until you actually have the baby in your possession. For example, I personally hated the Moby wrap I bought during my pregnancy and never used it. The Baby Bjorn worked for my husband, but hurt my back. However, the consignment store Snugli worked wonderfully for me. Several friends have told me they regretted buying the sling/carrier, etc. that they did because it didn’t end up working for them. If you do decide to buy ahead of time-keep the tags on and save the receipt!

Jonathan in a borrowed walker.
Faith in a borrowed Exersaucer…I loved it while we needed it, and loved it even more when I returned it to the owner and it didn’t have to fit in my overflowing storage room!

Okay ladies! Help me out! And for those of you researching your baby gear options, here are a few HDYDI product reviews:

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12 thoughts on “Your Registry Cheat-Sheet”

  1. Double snap and go, double snap and go, double snap and go! We are just now (at almost 9 months) outgrowing ours (or really, just looking for some variety, I’m pretty sure our girls will be in our infant seats until one year!) and the small size and weight, plus not having to move baby out of the seat and into the stroller is worth its weight in gold!

    And speaking of the dS&G – a HUGE tip would be to check out your local twins club sales! Most clubs hold resales in spring and fall – we got our double S&G new – I wish we had waited until we checked out the sale – there were several available – not to mention all kinds of swings, bouncy seats (we paid $3 for ours!), exersaucers, and TONS of clothes!)

  2. Swings! I’ve heard there is such a thing as babies who don’t like swings, but I’ve never actually seen said babies. I had two very good swings, which I’m not sure how I would have survived without. I didn’t borrow stuff, but I did collect a ton of stuff from Craig’s List and my local MoMs sale, so the nice thing has been being able to resell everything at almost the same price.

    I would buy car seats new as well, and we had the same issue with the Chicco’s that I liked. We got the Gracco Safe Seats which go up to 30 pounds and fit in a double snap and go, and we’ve been happy with them. The double snap n go, is a good addition too.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Under the car seat mats were a must for us. The reflux is worst in the car seats. It’s been a messy seven months. We’ve only bought/requested one of most things to see how they like it, then if it is a hit we get a second. My babies aren’t fans of the swings. I think we have used them only a few times.

  4. I’d be careful with the underseat mats…I believe they’re not recommended as they can decrease the effectiveness of car seats in a crash. We haven’t used them, and don’t have problems with the seat getting dirty (well, of course with crumbs, but not mud or dirt). The mud and dirt get on the backs of the front seats once the kids’ are older, turned around and have legs that are long enough to kick the front seats…now those back-of-the-front-seat protectors are a good idea (and not a safety risk!)

    My must-have that you didn’t mention is the book Baby 411. It’s such a great compilation of all the basics. Maybe not the most in-depth on any topic, but perfect for all those late night “is this normal” questions :)
    .-= WhatACard´s last blog ..An odd twin moment =-.

  5. I would skip the pack n play. Mine just collected crap.

    Only buy one swing at first. I have one of those said babies who didn’t like the swing. And only one baby likes the jumper.

    Let me second the “don’t buy 2 of the the big, temporary things”…someone gave me 2 excersaucers, and I can’t wait to either give them back or pass them along.

    Make sure to register for the “next size up” stroller after the snap n go. You don’t realize when you need the bigger one till that day comes (ie, we were going to the zoo- how are they going to see the animals facing me? Quick, take it out of the box!)

    Gets lots of onesises in bigger sizes-

    DONT register for soap, etc. You never know which one will give your baby a rash. Then you are stuck w/5 bottles of babywash you can’t use!

  6. 1) Consider a White noise machine or nature sounds machine. I used this to block out household noise and provide a soothing sleep environment from day one. It can also come along on travel to re-create that sleep environment on the road. I don’t know how moms live without these things (but I know that plenty do, somehow).
    2) TWO BOPPY PILLOWS- a twins must have, period. And more if your home is multi-level.
    3) At least 2 of these must have: “ultimate crib sheet” by Basic Comfort, it attaches with snaps, OVER your regular crib sheet, is easy to remove, wash and change. This is a lifesaver , it is a “Quick Change Sheet, Mattress Pad, Super Absorbent Pad, and Waterproof Pad. Elastic straps that snap/unsnap easily without removal of bumper guards or having to completely strip the crib to change the sheet. “

  7. Invest in a good stroller. Think about what your lifestyle is now and get a stroller that will match it. Lightweight and the snap n go are great, but will they ultimately suit your needs when they are older? or will you be purchasing another one down the road.

    We considered when and where we would be going with the kids. What will you need to carry with you … so how much storage capacity do you need.

    I personally always need a spot for my diaper bag, glasses, hand sanitizer, purse, and of course at least two drink holders for me … plus more … I like to have my hands free but want the convenience of having “stuff” I may need … I hate having to leave an activity because I didn’t have something.

    Lastly, I was told by a number of people that the stoller I was considering was too heavy (37lbs) but when you are carrying 2 babies 5-7lbs each in their carseats I didn’t think it would be a problem for me and it wasn’t.

  8. If you’re planning to nurse, especially if you’ll be working outside the home, I’d recommend considering going off the beaten track and mentioning to folks that you’d appreciate gift cards to stores that sell nursingwear (,,

    Since my husband had to go overseas when our girls were 5 months old, the swing was an extra pair of arms. We couldn’t have survived without two swings.

    Don’t bother registering for clothes. People will give you plenty anyway (mostly matching!), and hand-me-downs are a good thing.

    I ended up needing six bulb syringes: 1 per child for home, school and diaper bag. A good pair of baby mail clippers is a must; I still use the Parents one my boss gave me.

    If you’ll be bottle-feeding, consider registering for a few bottles of a variety of brands. You won’t know what each baby likes until they start eating!

    My hubby and I chose not to register for a breastpump, and then wished we had. He ended up rushing to Babies R Us when the girls were a few hours old and I hadn’t seen them yet!

    If you get a convertible crib system, be sure you have all the pieces!! By the time we got around to buying the rails to turn our gorgeous cribs into twin beds, they weren’t making them any more. Fortunately, we got beds as hand-me-downs, but the multi-decade investment we thought my Mum was making turned out to be someone else’s Freecycle win!

    I’m sure I could come up with a ton more, but I’ll leave it at that.
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Matchy matchy =-.

  9. One of my favorite infant twin products has been the Podee feeding system. If you will be bottle feeding and especially if you will have many solo-baby feedings throughout the day, this will save your life! It is a hands-free feeding system that works somewhat like a “beer hat” except for babies. The long straw attaches to the bottles and then your baby can suck just like they would a binkie and it frees you up from having to hold the bottle for them. Plus the straw system helps out with any reflux issues.

    I was surprised to never see this product recommended on any twin sites before my babies were born. It has allowed me to feed both babies at once, by myself, without much trouble! I would recommend it to any new multiple, bottle feeding mom.
    .-= Vicky @ thecitycradle´s last blog ..Annoyance =-.

  10. Things I couldn’t have done it without?

    Swings. Jumpers. Bouncers. Pack n plays.

    I got most of these second-hand as hand-me-downs, as borrows, consignment sale finds, or as gifts. So, I’m happy to have rarely had to spend full price for any of the bigger ticket items that have short life span.

    The other thing that I have now that I wish I had had when they were infants? Milk Maid Bottle Props. Breastfeeding did not work for me (a big ticket item I, unfortunately, did invest in – at least it went to a good friend who could use it) so my kids were bottle babies from the start. The amount of time we spent positioning towels/ receiving blankets/ pillows, etc. so that we could feed two babies with one parent was insane. Found them at a recent consignment sale. Instantly knew them for what they were and snatched them up. No looking back. Bottles that our 9 month old babies were desperate to try to hold buy bad at holding are now easy for them to hold, and when they get tired of holding them it’s still positioned correctly.

    I would even suggest them for singleton moms who use bottles. The ability for you to snuggle the baby, and for the baby to hold their own bottle and go at their own pace while feeding is just so worth the $15 price (and hey, I got them for under $6 for two).
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..The Payoff =-.

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