Let's play a guessing game!

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I will post a picture of myself and you guess how many days pregnant I was! Let’s start with an easy one.


Let’s see… flat stomach, looking bored rather than constant multi-tasking, plenty of time to take entertaining photos mocking my telecommuting… that would be zero days pregnant.

Time to guess again! How pregnant am I in the following picture?

36 weeks with twins

My readers will know I was exactly 36w with fraternal twin boys in this picture. My stomach hurts when I see that picture now. Singleton bellies look so cute and fun in comparison, huh?

Last picture… and I want you to think really hard before answering. Look at the two pictures above for comparison and guess how pregnant I was in the following picture:


Okay do you have a guess in your mind? Have you really thought about it? Make a guess.

Here’s the answer: it is a trick question. I was not pregnant in that picture. My boys were already born! This is the day I checked out the hospital, when my boys were 5 days old.

A couple of lessons here:

* If you’re pregnant with multiples, bring some BIG maternity clothes to the hospital with you when you deliver. The general rule is that you will look 6 months pregnant after birth, but that’s not 6 months-cute-singleton-belly pregnant. Bring clothes that comfortably fit when YOU were 6 months pregnant. I actually wore my biggest clothes home because OUCH twin c-section incision still healing. And the boobs… they continued to grow.

* Keep taking photos. I CRIED when I saw that picture, I mean I really bawled. This is not how you envision you will look post-partum when someone is taking pictures of you with your newborns. But I told my husband to keep snapping and make sure I was in plenty of pictures. I now treasure the photos where I have a huge jelly belly and I am cuddling my sweet smelling newborns because now they are big three year olds. And when my boys turned one, I was still not back to my pre-pregnancy shape (and am still not!) but when I used the above photo for comparison, I felt so much better about the progress I had made. So keep snapping!

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10 thoughts on “Let's play a guessing game!”

  1. Haha, I totally hear ya. I remember shortly after the kids were born, I was so used to letting things rest on my belly. And there it was, just as big as before. Except all squishy, so suddenly not a great spare table anymore. :-)

    I’m 99% sure I wore my stretchy maternity yoga pants home from the hospital. If it wasn’t those, it was the maternity goucho pants. Flattering? Not remotely. But who cares? Got to be comfortable and there’s still an awful lot of belly there…

  2. And yes, I do wish I had more pictures of me with the kids in those early days (heck, even now!). I was not happy with the way I looked, but there were a lot of missed opportunities. I don’t even have a picture of myself right before I delivered! I’ll never get that moment back…

  3. I am currently 32 weeks with twin girls — and already measuring 40 weeks at my last appointment.

    At least your belly looks like you got by with very few stretch marks… that is so not the case with me. I know I need to keep taking pictures and that eventually I will look better. More than anything I just can’t wait to move better and physically feel better.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..32 Weeks! =-.

  4. oh man. i wish i had more pictures of me pregnant. i do NOT wish i had more pictures of me right after having my boys. oh boy. the best i can say is that my nose swelling went down pretty fast. but seeing the deflated balloon of my belly and the horrific rash plus the fun pregnancy acne just makes me sad. had i looked cute as you post partum, things might have been different.
    (the worst part is we were on national news two days after the boys were born. so not only do i have a few photos of it, i have VIDEO.)
    .-= pam´s last blog ..Weekend recap =-.

  5. I wish I had taken more bare-belly pictures.

    I miss the super-comfy velour maternity hoodie I wore home from the hospital. I don’t miss the supersized granny panties, but I tell everyone to bring them to the hospital!
    .-= Ellen K.´s last blog ..Blog announcement =-.

  6. Golly, I think you look GREAT post-partum. I had varicose veins really bad–all the nurses and doctors had to come by and see them, like I was some circus act, that’s how bad they were. The fact that you can wear shorts is no small feat. I did eventually have surgery, so my legs no longer look like they’ve been beaten with a baseball bat, but I still have pretty patchy legs. I think you look great!

  7. I almost guessed wrong, and then I registered that it was a smushy belly (sorry). But besides the belly you look so together and healthy!

    When I was waiting for my husband to pick me up at the hospital — the kids were still in the NICU and I was discharged, so between 4 and 9 days after birth — someone came over because SHE THOUGHT I WAS IN LABOR. I was insanely huge. But you looked awesome even at 36 weeks. You don’t look big anywhere but your belly.

  8. I was so immensely huge during my pregnancy that I stopped taking belly pictures somewhere around week 26 or 28.
    I came to delivery in a freshly laundered big knit tank dress that was so comfy that my doctor actually just let me into surgery in it rather than trying to fit me into a hospital gown. I. Was. That. Big.
    It was insane. I’m used to being fat, but that was freakshow time. Nevertheless, I lost 60 lbs. in about waterweight and baby by two weeks, and at the end of the first six weeks was back down to my regular weight.

    Now, I’m actually smaller, but I’m shaped different. Its obnoxious. I’m fairly short, and spent most of the time from week 16 on feeling my stomach muscles ripping. I doubt they’ll ever truly recover, and the damage it’s down to my body is painfully obvious to me. I’ve always been big, but my prepregnancy body didn’t have a lot of tummy. My postpregnancy body has a tummy to deal with. Blah.

    The kind of neat/happy thing is that, other than my stomach, the rest of my body is physically stronger than it was because of the challenge of carrying/ juggling/ throwing two babies into the air, etc. I call them my baby nautilus machine. This is after having quit a job that had me walking 12 to 15 miles a day on average *slow* days, lifting 50 lb boxes regularly, and running up and down stairs and ladders constantly.
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..Stairs =-.

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