A laundry story in two parts, with both parts related to twins

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While we try to do loads of laundry throughout the week, with two working parents, we often end up doing a mountain of laundry on the weekend. Jon ran a load on towels on Friday night and we went to bed without putting it away. Saturday morning, Jon opened the dryer to find wet towels.

I’m sure the next part of our conversation drove Jon crazy. I proceeded to ask him if he was sure he had run it, did he run it with heat, was he completely sure. I asked these questions because having twins has ruined some parts of our brains and we have no idea when these ruined parts will show themselves.

Shakes fist in air…. TWINS!


Jon was sure he ran it the night before so he proceeded to test the dryer at every setting. It was still not working. He got out the manual (oh how I mocked Jon when I met him for filing every electronics manual and oh how it has come in so handy) and tried everything they suggested to resolve it. Still broken.

We called Whirlpool and they couldn’t get someone out until Wednesday. That is a problem because we need clean clothes for our trip this weekend and after Dooce’s experience with Whirlpool technicians, we were scared. Instead we called a local repair guy who could be here first thing Monday morning and told Jon he would bring the most likely parts since he has fixed this problem on our model many times.

Monday morning, the repair guy came and fixed it in 15 minutes. We bought this dryer when we moved into the house, and with all the other electrical stuff that’s broken in our house I wanted more info about this problem. The repair guy showed me the broken heating element and told me Whirlpool downsized this particular part during a redesign and it makes it more likely to break. He said, “You’ve had this dryer about 5 years right? That’s what I usually see.” I said, “No, we’ve had it about 3.5 years, that’s weird.”

When I relayed the story to Jon…. light bulb moment… repair guy said this part would last 5 years, ours only lasted 3.5 years, why would ours break earlier? Oh yeah! We did an insane amount of laundry in those 3.5 years.

Shakes fist in air… TWINS!

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4 thoughts on “A laundry story in two parts, with both parts related to twins”

  1. Count me in the insane amount of laundry club. We have a commercial size washer/dryer and the washer has already broken twice, most recently this past week. We had no washing machine for about 4 days and I was forced to wash some critical garments by hand, pioneer woman style. Also shaking fist in the air!!
    .-= Momlissa´s last blog ..Makes My Monday – Cookie, ME! =-.

  2. Just the word laundry makes me shudder any more. About two months ago our washer started acting up.. I’m guessing it’s about five years old, it came with the house. A relative had already promised to give us her front loading washer and dryer after her wedding… but I had to spend a month using a washer that was ready to quit on me. Not fun.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..The Same But Different =-.

  3. We live in Japan and we have a mamasan. She folds our laundry into the nicest, cutest, and smallest little squares. She even folds my underwear into little packets…who folds underwear? I no longer loathe laundry. I am going to be in for it when we move back to the states and I can no longer have a mamasan. I’ve become accustom to not folding laundry and it’s so nice to have someone do it for me. Now, if we could just teach her how to put it away because I am still rushing to put away the folded clothes the night before she comes again! The washing machine is on the fritz right now and I can’t seem to tell the Japanese repairman what’s wrong with it. Imagine if Heather, at the Dooce, would have had a language barrier. The thoughts of that make me giggle!

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