Is it time to get up, Mommy?

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My twins are almost 2 1/2, and many things are easier these days. Trips out go smoothly. A Labor Day picnic was a lot of fun. Gymnastics class is enjoyed by all (and is a work-out for Mommy, but that’s another issue). One fantastic change with them maturing has been that they often sleep later in the morning. Sometimes we see 7am. Or…gasp…7:30am. It’s fantastic. They are happy, cheerful little guys are those mornings.

However…and why is it that things things always come with a “however”?….on the days when they still get up early…6:15am, 6:00am, 5:30am….they are unbearable. When they were younger they were cheerful and happy in the morning and it was only Mommy and Daddy who were grouchy. Now, they really NEED that extra sleep in the morning, but don’t seem to be able to get themselves back to sleep if they are woken up earlier in the morning (freaking cats) or happen to stir earlier. I’ve yelled. I’ve ignored. I’ve been grouchy all morning. Nothing has been effective.

So, I turned to the source of all things wonderful….my twin club. And low and behold, someone sent me to this product.

It’s this cute little nightlight that you can program to show either a sun (time to get up!) or a moon (time to sleep!). You can set it for whatever time you want—they recommend setting the sun to “rise” at their normal wake-up time at first, so they can get used to it, and then setting it later in 15 minute increments. It arrived in the mail a few days ago and the kids were intrigued. Then, when they went in at bedtime, the moon was lit up. They were enthralled. In the morning, they started yelling, “Sun! I see sun! Mommy!” when they woke up. The next morning, it took some talking about the moon, but they were able to stay in their cribs the extra 15 minutes they needed until the sun “rose”. Again, they were enthralled.

I’m not sure if it will be long term successful, but it is better than yelling. It’s cute, the kids like it and it’s a clear visual sign to them of whether it’s time to get up or not. Maybe we’ll start to see a few more of those 7am days. (And please, any of you who have kids who sleep until 8am—or later—please don’t share!!! It’s sad enough how excited I get about 7am.)

What products can the rest of you not live without?

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8 thoughts on “Is it time to get up, Mommy?”

  1. Oh, I cannot wait for a day when they sleep until 7am. 6:30am seems to be the best they can do for now, but usually they wake up around 6am. I decided when we did sleep training at 9 months that I was not going in to get them up until 6:30am and they could just amuse themselves until then. So far, that’s been working. Sometimes I can hear them giggling and playing, but they rarely cry.

    It’s hard to say what products we couldn’t live without. I suppose our Sound Spa Lullaby machine is near the top of our list. We’ve used the ocean setting for white noise during naps ever since they were newborns and it really seems to help them fall asleep and stay asleep. Our house is small, with their bedroom right off the living room and kitchen areas, so the white noise is crucial for drowning out the noises I make as I try to get things done around the house while they sleep.

  2. Sounds very cool, I’m glad they at least like it! :-) I hope it leads to friendlier mornings soon.

    I’m with Renae, I could not live without white noise in the kids’ room. It changes with the seasons, right now it’s the air conditioner, in the winter it’s a loud humidifier or air purifying fan. Lifesaver to not have to tiptoe around, and I’d like to think it helps them sleep through each other if one wakes up, as well.

  3. Another vote for white noise! We used a “white noise machine” until Maddie’s asthma got bad and we started using an air purifier. Now I use the white noise machine in the new baby’s room. I really think it helps them fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus our house is small and it enables us to go about our business once they are asleep. I am definitely going to check out your gadget though – their wake up times are all over the place!
    .-= Marnie´s last blog on earth… =-.

  4. reanbean–a question for you on the white noise machine that you use. I looked at it on Amazon and it says it has an auto-shut-off timer, but can you also have it play continuously all night long? We currently use white noise CDs, but they end after 60-ish minutes and then have to start over, which sometimes wakes up our twins. Despite that, the white noise is definitely one of the things we could not live without!

  5. Amber- Our white noise machine can be set for certain intervals of time or it can play continuously. We’ve always used the continuous mode with the ocean setting. It has other sounds, and can play music and project images as well, but we’ve only used it for the white noise sound. We got the Sound Spa as a gift, and now we give it to friends who are expecting. It’s the only thing I can think of that we’ve used consistently for 18 months, and I imagine we’ll use it for many more.

  6. I’ve thought about getting one of those. I have a few friends who have them and have had success for quite some time with them. One friend’s son came out of his room before the “sun” was up and she just asked him if it was up yet, he said no and went back to his bed for another 20 minutes. Seems like a great idea to me. Just hoping it will work for my kids.

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