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How many of you felt your breath catch just reading that word? Shoes are to Carrie Bradshaw what strollers are to, well, most of the people who socialize with me. It’s a short list, but we love our strollers.

I’m not a stroller snob. I had an Evenflo travel system with my first child, and got a Combi Twin Savvy when my boys were born, even though what I really wanted was the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. (You should click that link just to see the price. It’s worth the chuckle.) I needed a double stroller with a sit and stand but they didn’t exist when I was cranking out my brood.

When we found out I was pregnant with #4, the twins were 1.5 and A was 3. I mentally calculated my boys’ ability to walk alongside me plus my daughter’s capacity for obedience, multiplied by my anxiety level and divided by the number of hands God saw fit to give me, and found that I was lacking. I knew I could make do for a short time with the baby in a sling and the boys in the double stroller, but my aptitude for sling use drops off sharply once a baby moves out of the limp doughy phase.

I wanted a triple stroller, and scoured the resale shops for one. Instead, I stumbled upon a J Mason Quad Carriage for $100. You can bet I snapped that thing up and dragged it home. I want to make some shoes reference here, like, “…Carrie Bradshaw finding a pair of vintage blah blah somethings at a thrift store,” but I don’t know enough about high end footwear, plus I bet Carrie Bradshaw would never step foot into a thrift store.

060907 zoo trip gahp
The quad stroller – or “four stroller,” as my children call it – wasn’t perfect. But alas, what union between parent and stroller is? The quad was heavy, bulky, and a real beast to maneuver on uneven terrain. But for trips to the zoo, for example, it was a godsend. And let’s be honest: I was staying home with four kids 4 and under. I wasn’t going much of anywhere.

Three days before the twins 5th birthday, I sold the four stroller. The kids were devastated. They wept in protest as they watched me clean it up, and they begged me to keep it. We settled on one final ride.

A’s gangly legs didn’t fit in the back; she had to throw them over the lap bar in the front seat. The boys climbed into the back, I placed baby #4 into the open front seat, and we set off. As I sweated and gasped for air, I reflected on my maiden voyage with the quad stroller, three years ago. Then, too, I sweated and panted my way around the block, Braxton-Hicks contractions kicking in as I pushed my 90 lb toddler payload. This 2009 haul was more like 150 lbs, and left me grateful that I don’t have to do this anymore.

When the couple purchasing my stroller arrived, I was happy to saunter back inside and watch from the window as they wrestled that mammoth into the back of their van. Never again will I watch my husband sweat and curse quietly while struggling to fold it. Never again will my children stream out from the quad stroller’s depths like it’s a clown car. Never again will we look like a circus sideshow in public. The moment was bittersweet, until I remembered I’d just made $75, and then it was only sweet.

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13 thoughts on “Strollers.”

  1. It will be a sad day when we get rid of our stroller, too…but that’s years away for us. :) I have to say, we forked over the dough for a BOB Revolution Duallie, and I get ridiculed by some over it (never other MOMs, usually just their husbands or moms to singletons…just wait until you have your second baby in less than two years I think to myself…then you won’t be laughing so much at my “overindulgence.”) Anyway, my heart definitely skips a beat when I think of my BOB. It is my “must have” twin mom item.

  2. Love the before and after shots, and I’m glad you’ll no longer have to deal with the stroller. I’ve never seen anything like that!

  3. WHat a sad day. I was sad when we were done with my stroller. If for nothing else than to throw stuff in while we are at the mall or the zoo.

    Your babies are growing up!!!

  4. I have decided that buying a stroller is an investment in my sanity. We are going to buy this new Valco Ion twin, sight unseen, and i am so excited. It’s way too expensive and I never thought I would splurge on something like this but I thought, if it was my husband at home all week with the kids, he wouldn’t even think twice. he would say, this makes my life so much easier, I’m getting it. So I think I should get to do the same thing. I will be sure to post about how it looks once it arrives!!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..9 Month Check up and other 9 month stuff… =-.

  5. My house has become a stroller museum. We have the BOB revolution duallie, which I love, but I think who ever invented the double jogging stroller is a masochist. This is no joke! Jogging with the babies is the hardest thing in the world. (I’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time!) We’ve got the limo stroller and the side-by-side. I’m going to break down and buy two umbrellas because sometimes the side-by-side just doesn’t cut it. I’m also contemplating going into designing strollers that are practical for MOMs because whoever is engineering them now has no clue what a MOM really needs!

  6. I drooled over the Mountain Buggy Urban Double the entire time I was pregnant with my girls. I STILL drool over it! Although now that we just had baby number 3 I’ve been eyeing up the Valco Tri Mode twin with the optional add on toddler seat. Or the Joovy Caboose (for 3). You’re right – strollers are to us MOMs what shoes are to Carrie Bradshaw! I mean what Mom of singleton browses stroller web sites just for fun to see what’s new and to see (HOPE) that someone has finally invented a stroller for MOMs that does it ALL. I mean, we need a double jogger for rougher ground, a front-to-back for those damn narrow aisles in Gymboree and Kohls and two umbrella strollers for times when the double won’t do! Maybe the poster above (Anna) WILL design a stroller that does all three!!!! PS – don’t think I haven’t been eyeing up the Mountain Buggy Urban TRIPLE now! If only I could win the lottery LOL!
    .-= Marnie´s last blog on earth… =-.

  7. Thanks for the post. I’m due with baby #4 in March and my oldest will be 3 3/4 years & twins will be 1 3/4. I was wondering if a quad would be worth it or to just go with a triple. Guess you answered my question! Love the last pic with the legs hanging out!

  8. My stroller is my sanity. When the kids (2 yr old + 8 month old twins) are fussy and I can’t bear one more rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider’, I load them all up and head out for a walk. We have the Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin with toddler seat attachment and love it. It fits through doorways too.

  9. We bought the Valco Twin Tri Mode with the toddler seat … this is a stroller worth it’s price. My oldest was 15 months when the twins were born and she loved being in the up front toddler seat.

    I highly recommend this stroller … especially for someone who wants it for exercise … compare the price to a gym membership and child care and it seems like a deal … and for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of pushing the wieght of 3 kids … with this stroller I never thought once that it was heavy … it’s pushes that easy.

    Can you tell I really liked this stroller? I would check out Ebay for some great prices.

  10. I don’t have a stroller addiction. I found my dream stroller and never looked back. It might not be perfect in every situation, but it has always been as good or better than the alternatives.

    We’ve owned the Mountain Buggy Urban Double since our girls were 6 months old (they will be 4 in October) and it has been WORTH EVERY PENNY. It has been our go to stroller since the day we brought it home. It steers like a dream, turns on a dime, goes to the beach, hiking, outdoor festivals, indoor events, and to the mall. Since I expect to be able to sell it for around $400 and we’ve used it longer than any other baby/toddler item in the house including their cribs which have been gone for over a year, it doesn’t really seem all the expensive over the long haul. We still use it occasionally when we are out all day and the girls just don’t have the stamina to walk all day. I suspect I’ll be selling it in the spring or next fall. I will be sad to see it go.
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..Long overdue post =-.

  11. When I was pregnant I looked with envy at all the amazing and expensive strollers. We have a small car so we decided that getting a big expensive stroller was out of the questions due to the added expense of having to get a bigger car to hold the stroller.

    When the babies were still little we used the Double Snap and Go. I don’t know how any mother of twins could survive with out this stroller. It folds down to almost nothing and has a huge basket for groceries, etc. It is also pretty cheap. We bought ours used on Craigslist for less than $30 and resold it for the same price a year latter.

    When the babies our grew the Snap and Go we bought a Maclaren Twin Techno stroller (almost brand new from Craigslist, for about $150) . I love the side-by-side. It serves as a highchair at the park and the kids sometimes hold hands and pass toys to each other. It also folds us pretty small and fits in our small car. It is also light and I just keep it in the truck so it is ready if I need it.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog floors =-.

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