Nursing Pillows, How I Love Thee (For MANY Reasons)!

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When I was pregnant with my twins, I remember thinking (okay, maybe worrying in my control freak ways) about what in the heck I’d need TWO of??  Two carseats and two cribs were a given, but 2 swings or 1 (we quickly decided 2 after they were home)?  2 pack n plays or 1?  2 bouncers or 1?  2 nursing pillows or 1?  I think if I were to tell someone they need 2 of something (besides car seats and cribs!), it would have to be nursing pillows!  I have used our TWO Boppy Pillows (not pushing the brand- but it was what we happened to buy!) for an entire year plus for many reasons: 

Read on with me- as we walk down ‘The Many Uses of the Boppy Pillow Lane!’

*During and after the NICU stay, when I was able to attempt nursing, the boppy was my right hand man- or woman- or thing- whatever- you know what I mean!

*After realizing that nursing wasn’t going so well (that’s a whole other post), the boppy became a PERFECT incline to feed my babies their bottles.

*It soon helped me feed both girls at the same time- I came up with some GREAT set ups sometimes with one sometimes with both when they got bigger.  (Survival mode at that point- right moms?)

DSC00871hee hee!  This makes me laugh!

*It helped prop the girls up after eating which helped with their reflux.

*When the girls were a bit bigger (they started so tiny!), it was a great help with tummy time. 

*Once Reese and Riley started sitting, but were wobbly, the pillow was perfect to have behind them.  It certainly broke many falls!

DSC02805Whoa!  Riley in mid fall :)

* As they learned to hold their bottles, but had difficulty keeping their balance when tilting back, the Boppy was a perfect place to lay, bottle in hand!

* Still now (Reese and Riley are 1), when my sleepy girls first wake up in the morning, they love to lie on their pillows while they drink their milk from their sippy cup or bottle.

* AND my Reesey who LOVES to roll away, crawl away, or pull away while I’m changing her diaper, has a bit of harder time getting away when I lay her on the Boppy when I change her!  :)

* Oh ya!  AND my little dog has assumed them as her own personal dog beds for over a year.  


* Do you have any other uses I’ve forgotten?!


I LOVE these things!  In my opinion, you MUST get 2 nursing pillows!

 Leave a comment telling the new mamas and mamas to be: 

In my opinion, you MUST get two (or three, or four… :) ) _____.

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15 thoughts on “Nursing Pillows, How I Love Thee (For MANY Reasons)!”

  1. I totally agree, at least two boppys are a must, and more if your home is multi-level. But take note that for actual tandem nursing of twins, the extra large, square shaped EZ 2 NURSE pillow is a must. I bought one used from my twins club and it is a must for those attempting to tandem nurse twins. For new moms it makes sense to nurse one at a time until you get the hang of it. Then the big EZ2nurse pillow can be a lifesaver. The regular boppys are perfect for bottle feedings and the multiple other uses you describe.

  2. I totally agree — the Boppy was one [or two] of our favorite items for a looong time. I think it was one of the last of the “infant” items we sold/put away [because we had two]. Even if you exclusively bf, it’s nice to have two, to prop them in, esp if babies have reflux…it’s a must! I’ll have to try it with the diaper change now that my girls are older….that may help with the alligator rolls!

  3. I only have one nursing pillow but it would have been great to have an extra one in the family room so I didn’t need to carry this one around so much. It would also have been great when the girls were learning to sit up. I’d put the pillow behind one girl and then pile other pillows behind the other, but the nursing pillow really worked best.

  4. I had a C-section and the Boppy and My Brest Friend were absolutely useless. The lactation consultant suggested I try the Boston Billow nursing pillow and IT WORKED.
    That nursing pillow was light enough and flexible so that it didn’t push against my incission and I could hold Carla safely when I breastfed her.

  5. 2 boppies, agreed.
    2 bouncy seats, absolutely.
    2 swings, not necessary (for us.)
    2 PNPs, another absolute, but we travel quite a lot and these are GREAT portable cribs, we also got the PNP mattresses. Again, that may just be us. :)
    8 binkies. 😉

  6. I loved the Nurse EZ pillow, which was much more comfortable to me than the EZ2 nurse pillow. I used our boppy to prop one baby on the couch while I got situated with the nursing pillow and one baby and then would hoist up the other baby from the boppy. It was great.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog .. =-.

  7. I would take this one step further and say have two boppies for every floor of the house. We have 2 but in those early days, i would really have loved 6, 2 per floor.

    Now, 4 would probably do. Also, I have seen them used a kneeling pillow for bathtime – of ocurse from anotehr clever twin mom, Mommy Esq.!! So, maybe 2 per floor plus one for the bathroom…
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Makes My Monday: 10 months! =-.

  8. I used them for all the things that you listed. Also, when I was alone, I used them to feed the girls. But guilt got the better of me, so I rotated holding one and using the boppy. I could put one baby on my elevated knees and pull the boppy right up to my side. This enabled me to hold both bottles. But now my girls can feed themselves, so the boppies are their chairs. We also use them for all sort of physical therapy stuff. I also use them to rest while I am exhausted and playing with the girls.

  9. Two Boppy pillows are definitely a must-have. I’ll have to try a Boppy to keep my wild 10mo girls in place during diaper changes on the floor. I haven’t used the Boppy in awhile, although the dog enjoys it!

    Two bouncer seats and two pack & plays — with one larger and more like a playpen ( — are my main “double up” items. We had one swing and neither baby really cared for it, although I sometimes wonder whether I would have made more of an effort to “push” the swing if I’d had two swings.

  10. Oh yes. My kids are 26 months old and STILL use their boppy pillows. They lay on them in the living room, put their babies to bed in them, sit in them and in general have them out and about every day of our lives. Very glad we made those purchases!

  11. I loved our U pillows. We got ours on sale at a craft store (JoAnn’s) with a coupon, we got both pillows for $20 total. They work as well as Boppy and the covers fit. You can find them back in with the fiberfill and pillow forms.

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