A Tale of Two Big Brothers

Once upon a time there was a set of identical twin boys born into a loving family. They were the little princes to their princess sister. They were cuddled and fussed over; loved and adored.

And then, a new prince came along.

At first, the big brothers were too young to care. They were only 15 months old and, frankly, this new little one spent most of his time sleeping and out of the way anyway. Then, he started to grow.

photo81For a while, he was amusing. A play thing they could tickle and make laugh. And then walk away from to go back to their “big boy” games. Oh, those times were happy.

Then, he started to move. And WALK. walkingAnd, Lord help him, he touched their things. What were the princes to do?

Prince A decided to embrace the littlest one. Despite the slight 1 lb difference in their sizes, he acts the older brother. He “helps” by bringing the littlest one his bottle or snack. He “helps” by dragging him along holding his hand as he learns to walk. He tackles hugs him to show his love.

Prince B has taken a different approach. He has decided to exert his big brother authority. He screams “NO” when the littlest one comes within 2 feet of his toys — whether he is using them or not. He steals food off of the tray of the LO’s high chair. He flat out refuses to let him hold a sippy cup in his presence.

The two princes have taken very different approaches despite being raised the same way, by the same parents, in the same house…and sharing the same genes. Simply another example of how each is his own person despite the label of “identical twin”.

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