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Rachel is a number cruncher by day, the birth mom in a two-mom household to boy/girl 17 month old twins. A new website is coming, but for now, you can read more about ‘em at http://rajencreation.wordpress.com/


Last Thursday, the kids started with runny noses. Friday and Saturday was my Mother’s Of Multiples club Garage Sale. Which I co-chair. So I was a little busy. I cooked all afternoon Sunday for the week (chicken cacciatore, oyaku donburi, meatloaf, cod and veggies in a cheese sauce, steamed jasmine rice, mmmmmm!). Work is crazy busy (for me, it’s in an office, for you, it could very well be attending to your kids at home). And we had an urgent and unplanned visit to the pediatrician Monday for what was ultimately for Croup. Not an atypical week in the life of a mom, really.

I was reading Goddess In Progress’ post, Absolving The Guilt, and I SO REMEMBER feeling the feelings those new MoM’s were distraught over. In fact, there are still days that I get that guilty feeling, to be honest. What between being a good partner, keeping the house up, paying the bills, feeding my family, planning garage sales, trying to finalize my new blog/website for launching next week, fighting off a cold, and a full time job.

So rather than fret about not having the time to write the post I intended to write, I leave you with a clip of my kiddos. Because there are moments in each hour that sprinkle our every day that make me swell with happiness that our life is our life, even if it’s different from the ones the books and articles and parenting groups say we should have. In the midst of the chaos and ‘broken rules’, there will be moments to marinate in, moments like this where I am stood still in the wonder that these little beings were formed in my womb. Hang in there, new mom’s of multiples, it doesn’t get easier, but it does get different.

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6 thoughts on “A Finer Moment”

  1. SO true- it doesn’t necessarily get “easier” but it does get different. Amen. It is more different still when they hit second grade and the homework is already confusing (to me AND to my dear, sweet second grade son). It gets different when they start talking and becoming little people with opinions. This parenting journey is never the same – and as soon as you are over one hurdle be assured, another one presents itself!

  2. For me, it IS easier as they get older. I think it gets easier as you ease in to two. But easier does not mean never having challenges. Every parent does. I don’t think “easy” is a term that can be applied to parenting.

    We, as parents of multiples, without a doubt have a tough beginning, but certain aspects will be easier for us in the future. For example, my neighbor has four different age children in three different schools. It is a challenge for her in more ways than I can outline here. I have a 4 year old and 2 – 3 year olds that will spend most of their school years in the same school.

    Maybe those of us who think that it gets easier when they get older just have a preference for the older stages vs. the baby stages.

    Great video … these are the moments that get us through the hard times. Hope you get to the new website up soon … looking forward to it.

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