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Thanks HDYDI Readers.  Because of you, I can write this down and HOPEFULLY I’ll finally, FINALLY remember it.  You don’t know how many times I’ve smacked myself in the head a la “Shoulda hadda V8”  as I’m reminded of this tip.

So read and learn, peeps.  Don’t be me.  Smacking yourself while driving is just not safe.

OK.  Today.  The morning naps were over and Sarah was clamoring for her 18th snack of the day.  “Not plain old raisins, Ma, YOGURT COVERED RAISINS!”



We were housebound yesterday because of the leftover typhoon that hit the west coast and I guess I was still feeling the after effects of early onset cabin fever, because I was seriously over it.  Motherhood, that is.  I was just languishing about in a sea of toys and half crushed Kix, watching Matthew try to smash his sippy cup through the window and listening to Sarah screech about the raisins.  I was frozen in a hellacious moment and hating life.  I even got that, “Should I be a SAHM?” feeling.  (Don’t worry, I shook that off with a quickness.)

I had put a rain cover for the BOB on hold at our local REI, and since I couldn’t walk to the grocery store as planned because of the DOWNPOUR, I figured this was as good a time as any to go pick it up.

Two seconds into the car ride all was well with the world.  They were singing and laughing and dancing in their carseats and I was singing and laughing and dancing right along with them.  I was Happy Mom again!

This is where the self-smackdown came in.  The Reset Button!  Duh.  Whether it’s a major tantrum or just midday doldrums, changing things up with a walk, or a trip the backyard, or a ride in the car will make all the difference in the world.  Like so many other parenting tips, this one seems pretty damn obvious, but in the moment?  It’s anything but.  I just find it so easy to get sucked into the whinyness, the discontent and the overall crankiness and it’s like quicksand.  So….Hard….To…Get….Out….

I think I need to put up post-its all over the house that say “Reset Button”  or even better, “Change it up, Dummy!”  because I can never seem to remember!  It’s usually only out of desperation that I actually implement a change, not out of smart parenting.

It happened again later, too.  We’re not really sure what caused Sarah’s evening tantrum aside from a boycotted afternoon nap, but she screamed for a good 20 minutes.  Actually it might have been longer, but I went for a run.  My husband said he changed her diaper and put her in the crib for a good ole’ fashioned cage match with her brother and she was a new person.  Giggling like you wouldn’t believe and generally acting like nothing had happened.

RESET!  Remember it, friends.

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9 thoughts on “Reset”

  1. yes, yes, yes. Agreed. I need to remember it too! It just WORKS…distract, distract, distract. Something new. In our house, sometimes just pulling a different set of toys out of the closet is enough…or asking a silly question. Maybe we should make ourselves “RESET” buttons and keep them in plain view…like the Staples “Easy” button :)

  2. I so agree. We have a basement in addition to 2 other floors in our house. It’s amazing what a trip to the basement or upstairs will do. Love the cage match, still with my twins being almost 2 I can put them in the same crib with a few books and actually go pee by myself.
    .-= Staci Dauphine´s last blog ..Such a beautiful girl =-.

  3. OMG – that’s SO true!! And even truer that you never really think, “hmm, they’re fussy, let’s change it up” even though you know that would work. It just doesn’t spring to mind. I have a lot of post-its on my desk so I might as well put them to good use and make some of my own reset buttons…
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..WTF? =-.

  4. BRILLIANT!!!! I think all of us crazed MOMs get caught up in those “calgon” moments. We’re in the midst of a nor’easter on the east coast right now. I was at work all day but my in-laws made a makeshift park in the house today and the girls had a BLAST pretending they were at the park. I thought about what they did today and said to myself….why don’t I ever do that when we’re stuck in the house? I need to put a few “reset” buttons around my house as well. All it usually takes is a walk, building a tent out of couch cushions, making cookies….something out of the ordinary. But when you’re IN that chaos it’s SO hard to see through it to the other side of sanity. BRILLIANT POST :-)
    .-= Marnie´s last blog ..happy birthday… =-.

  5. Reset… interesting concept. When they’re acting like that, it is hard to overcome the “damned if I’m taking them ANYWHERE when they’re acting like THAT!”, but I’m guessing it works. Mine are generally really well-behaved in public. It’s the living room where they pitch their best. And of course when we’re out and about, everyone comments on their cuteness and goodness and such, when, had they seen them 2o minutes earlier… well.

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