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We had our twins Danny & Abigail almost exactly 2 1/2 years ago. I like to think we are pretty good at celebrating milestones (Solid food! No more BFing! Walking! Preschool!) at appropriate times and enjoying the day to day moments with our kids. However, every once in a while something reminds me of how far we’ve come–all four of us—since those baby days.

We spent the afternoon at a first birthday party for two twin boys (Happy birthday O & C!). We played outside a while–a must with the heard of toddlers who were celebrating the  babies’ birthday, had some cake, some snacks, some playing and then headed home to a quick bath/bed. And then an almost immediate poop-fest once they were in their cribs, supposedly sleeping, but that’s another story. It made me remember back to their first birthday party, which seems both like yesterday and like so long ago. They weren’t walking or talking yet and while they enjoyed the festivities, they were overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the fun—and ours was as low-key as any party. Some cake, some friends (mostly adult), some family…not much else. I spent an hour that night rocking an overstimulated little boy in a dark nursery, just so he could calm down enough to be able to fall asleep. They were still BFing—we had just introduced milk and drinking out of sippies was still so-so. They were babies….

But today. The kids played. Got pulled around in a wagon by the birthday boys’ Daddy (yeah, yeah, not sure how he ended up entertaining my two as well), eating cake with a fork at the kids’ table, eating more snacks as needed, singing happy birthday and playing nicely (for the most part) with the other toddlers. They sang happy birthday LOUDLY all the way home and ran around the house like maniacs. They had had a great time—and a lot of sugar. But, they had a nice bath, a nice story (Bread and Jam for Frances—AGAIN) and now, at 7:30pm, are silent upstairs in the nursery. It is a whole different world from that first birthday 18 months ago. And I often forget that, until something like a first birthday reminds me.  October 2009 067

What reminds you that your kiddos aren’t babies anymore? Are you sad about it? Happy? Relieved?

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4 thoughts on “Milestones…”

  1. We just celebrated the twins 2nd birthdays yesterday and we were in awe of how different it was. We had the conversation on how all of us still call them the babies. Nobody calls them twins, just ‘the babies’. We really need to find a new one! : ) During the party they never once looked for mom or dad, threw a fit, or even cried. I kept thinking WOW, they are little big people now.

  2. I have days when I miss my babies, but we’re having so much fun now. I can take my girls on outings and know they’ll listen to me and stay close by. Just getting ready for those outings goes faster than when they were babies… they can put on their own coats, climb in the car, etc. Still, I’m happy they want to snuggle with mommy at the end of the day.
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  3. We had the first birthday party yesterday.

    I look forward to the halcyon days of children running and feeding themselves.

    Still… I have it pretty good for 1 year olds. They both can and do walk mostly. They can both feed themselves at least one meal a day from finger foods put on their high chair tray. Sippy cups are being learned, though a skill that still eludes one or the other of them as a reliable skill.

    One of the attendees was a singleton girl of 2 months. I forgot how unbelievably tiny babies can be. How portable. We barely took advantage of the months between 2-4 when ours were seriously portable and would fall asleep near anywhere to really take them places. Of course, she also had to have her pack n play with her, and we set up a swing for her, and there were two diaper bags for of the stuff it took to take care of her. Which makes me remember why we didn’t go much of anywhere. All the equipment it took to get our fussy babies to be happy anywhere was insane. I begin to believe that the tale of the nonfussy baby is a myth.

    I miss them being little and contained. I don’t miss them needing diaper bags full of bottles and diapers and changes of clothes and blankets and places to put them. I certainly wouldn’t change where they’re at. Every day is a new milestone right now. Pulling up, standing, people food, sippy cups, first steps, first words. This is a good stage.
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  4. My kids are really working on language acquisition right now. It’s amazing. Everyday they’re learning and saying new words. They understand so much language now too, that I can tell them things and know that they know what I’m talking about (even if they don’t like what I’m saying). It’s exciting to see them growing up!

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