Trick or Treat Times Two or More

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Trick or treat!  Halloween is just over a week away.  Hopefully you’ve come up with some great costume ideas for your multiples, either as individuals or a group. I’ve heard lots of great ideas for multiple costumes, but I have to admit my girls are wearing matching orange onsides with pumpkins on them, and little hats that look like pumpkin tops. It isn’t very creative at all, but it is just their first Halloween, and they’ll be really cute.  For their brother’s first Halloween, we didn’t do anything at all.  In fact, we didn’t even do anything on his second Halloween either…  This year he’s being a train engineer.

Next year, I’ll do something more creative when they’re a little older.  In the meantime, why don’t you share your great Halloween costume ideas for multiples, or any other Halloween stories or advice you have to offer.

Here’s a great list of Halloween suggestions from ParentHacks.  It is one of my favourite web sites; there’s a suggestions to help in nearly every Halloween situation from how to make a last minute costume to what to do with leftover candy.

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6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Times Two or More”

  1. I made joker playing card costumes for my boys when they were a year and a half old (my husband and I collect playing cards, so they’ve always been our little jokers!) The next year I made newt costumes (though that wasn’t twinny per se…I stole a Monty Python joke. Taught the kids to say “she turned me into a newt!”)

    Last year and this year, my kids were old enough to choose their own costumes, so nothing twinny. I sure had fun with those jokers and newt costumes, though :)
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  2. My girls are wearing costumes that are half angel / half devil. My husband is going as an angel and I’m going to be a devil….I thought it was clever – and quite accurate :)

  3. For my girl’s first halloween my sister made them sugar and spice costumes. Pretty darn cute! This year I made the girls garden fairy costumes and their 3 year old brother is a bee–he had to have wings of his own so he would stop stealing theirs.

  4. If your kids are in a “moody” stage (includes all toddlers) I advise allowing plenty of time in advance to get them dressed before going out and be ready for objections. AND try not to get an “itchy” costume, if the collar itches they will tug it and be miserable. Or sew something in there to make it soft (in advance!)
    On Saturday we went to a halloween party. I dressed one in his one-piece lion costume, no problem. When I tried to dress the other he fussed and insisted “take it off!”. After taking it off he reconsidered and said “put it on!” I was glad I allowed extra time. And NO headpieces, they just pull them off- at least my guys do.

  5. I sort of figured this is my one and only shot at having a themed Halloween. Next year they will be two year olds with ideas of their own, and I’d really like to encourage the individual personalities.
    So, my DH and I went through many ideas for boy/girl costumes. It just kept seeming like all the ideas made one or the other an accessory for the first one’s outfit.
    Finally we decided on Major Nelson and Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie, including a prop blow up genie bottle.
    I found an orange (not the modern white) astronaut outfit for my son. Found the fairly available Jeannie outfit for my daughter. Inserted some pink foam in the Jeannie hat to actually make it stand up (it was very floppy), blew up the bottle, took pictures… and then let them get naked, take their medicine and go to bed…
    My poor little babies got Hand Foot and Mouth this year and are sequestered until blisters are all gone.
    So, all that prep for nothing. Fortunately they got to wear the costumes for their costumed birthday party, too, so it’s not a complete waste, but dang.
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