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We are big recyclers in our house and this year that has extended to Halloween costumes.  I purchased matching butterfly costumes on sale for my girls last year fairly close to Halloween.  I was afraid that if the costumes didn’t match, I would be accused of dressing one cuter than the other two.  I know, foolish.

As the girls were 18 months old at the time, I purchased size 18 month costumes, which were a little too big but not a big deal.

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 We actually had to distract them with a Baby Einstein DVD in order to dress them.  There was a little bit of fussing but once outside, they enjoyed running around the yard.  We did not actually participate in real trick or treating besides the neighbor’s house.  I felt that at 18 months old, it was unnecessary.

I wasn’t looking forward to dishing out $ for three new costumes this year, so I informed my husband that I was hoping to recycle the butterfly costumes from last year, which had been bagged up and stored in our basement.  A few weeks ago, I brought them out of storage to see if my plan would work.

  1. Would the size 18 month costumes still fit my girls, now two and a half years old.
  2. Would my girls actually wear these costumes without flipping out.

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Much to my pleasant surprise not only did the costumes fit (the head pieces are little snug but do-able) but the girls LOVED them.  They loved them so much, in fact, that they did not want to take them off.  Not even the head pieces (except for Allie who has a bigger head.)  Anna and Em kept insisting that Allie put that head piece back on.  They all needed to be the same.

I plan to keep the costumes after Halloween and allow the girls to use them for dress up.  Plus, there are certain items I feel sentimental with and can’t bear to part with.

Where did you find Halloween costumes for your kiddos and what do you plan to do with them after Halloween? 

Sarah is the mother to two and a half year old identical triplet girls – Allie, Anna and Emily – who were born at 35 weeks and 6 days.  She works full time as a Tax Director for Big Financial Institution and enjoys sharpening her photography skills with her daughters’ help.  You can read more about her crazy life raising triplets at The Great Umbrella Heist.

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Recycle”

  1. What cute costumes! My son is already using his costume for dress-up. We got him an engineer’s hat and bandana, which he wore last weekend to go for an oil change with dad. The rest of his costume is a pair of overalls, which he’ll certainly wear again. For the girls, I got pumpkin onesies, which will go in the drawer for everyday wearing after Halloween. I’m thinking of looking for some costumes on sale after Halloween to start a dress-up clothes box for the children.

  2. First of all, adorable costumes AND girls! And second, I did the SAME thing! My three year old girls still fit into their dog and cat costumes from Old Navy from last year, so I went with it. And their hoods were a little snug too, but they seem fine. We may keep them for dress-up while they fit after halloween too!

  3. What cute little butterflies!

    I got my kids’ costumes at a MOT sale. $10 for both, brand new, and in the packaging- a monkey for my daughter and a bear for my son. My kids are almost 20 months and currently wear 12-18 months clothing. The costumes just says toddler for the size and seem enormous, possibly 3T or 4T. I think they’ll be able to wear them for several more years. At least, that’s the plan. But at $5 a costume, if they decide they’d like to be something else (at what age do the opinions on costumes begin?), that will be okay too.

  4. I love it! My son is wearing the same costume from last year, too. It was pretty darn big on him then, and is maybe a touch on the snug side now, but it totally works. My daughter got a new one from Old Navy (always wait until they go on sale, of course!) and is her very favorite thing in the whole world: a butterfly. They love the costumes, so hopefully they’ll stick around a while longer just for fun.
    .-= Goddess in Progress´s last blog ..How to eat more salads =-.

  5. My twins (5 months old) will be wearing one piece “skeleton” outfits (black with white bones painted on them). I got them at our local multiples resale, and snapped them up so that they babies could match my older daughter’s theme – she’s going as a ghost. I’ll be wearing a witch outfit so that I fit in too (we are going to a party on halloween day). Not sure what my husband will do, but he might wear a raven outfit that our neighbor offered to lend us.

  6. I bought baby bunting penguin costumes for my twins on super sale at old Navy (less than $3 each) several months before they were born. I think this was the first set of clothes that I bought after I found out I was having twins.

    The kids worn them for Halloween when they were 5 months old. Then were so warm and cozy that here in Texas they were almost too warm. We used them again a month later when we went camping. They were perfect to keep the twins nice and snugly and they really looked cute.


    This year we bought costumes on craigslist from another mom of b/g twins. She worked hard and made very cute Pebbles and Bambam costumes and now my kids get to wear them with out me having to work up a sweat.

  7. LOVE the second photo! They look so excited!

    I hate to admit, but against all my typical buying (hand-me-downs, goodwill, MoM garage sales), I purchased – retail- the kids’ costumes this year. yep. and of all places, pottery barn kids and the friggin disney store.

    However, I DID get my daughter’s super cute Christmas dress at the MoM sale for $7.00. so. justified.

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