Halloween for Preemies!

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Last year my baby girls celebrated their FIRST Halloween.  It was their very first holiday ,and y’all, we L-O-V-E holidays around here!  Initially I hadn’t planned anything fun or even a costume for my twins because they were due November 12.  I figured they’d come a little early, but September 4?!  I love Halloween- love fall weather, love the fall colors, the fall smells, the cutesy stuff (not so much the scary stuff), love the candy (of course), and I LOVE seeing the neighborhood kids (especially babies) all dressed up in their costumes!  As Halloween was approaching, I was SO pumped to dress my little baby dolls up. :) (They were both home by 10/30/08).  But I came across a problem… Riley was 3 pounds 11 oz and Reese was a bit over 4 pounds.  NO costume would fit them.  So I tried to be creative and came up with a genius (yet: mean?  weird? clever?) idea while at Petsmart buying dog food.  You know where this is going??  I strolled by precious costumes… tiny ones… both in the cat section and dog too.  Then I saw them.  And I had to have them.  Reese and Riley had to wear them.  Light pink teeny tiny cat tutus AND princess hats!!!!!  PREFECT size, perfect costume!  ha!  You might think it’s silly, ladies, but… if you’ve just had your babies and they’re tooooo tiny to fit in a costume,  I reccommed going to a pet store! :)  You’re sure to find a little something adorable- worked for us!   :)  See:

DSC00766(Princess hats not pictured)  10-31-08

This year we’re going the more “normal” route… buying from human stores since I’ve now got 20 + pounders.  I think they already love Halloween as much as me…. but their love for bows?  Not so much.


This year for Halloween, they’re going to be CoWGiRlS!  We ARE in Texas, y’all!  Pics to come on my blog.

Ever had to get creative with your multiples’ costumes?!  I’d love to hear about it!

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7 thoughts on “Halloween for Preemies!”

  1. I’ve also heard that Build A Bear outfits work too!

    My boys came home on 10/29 of last year, and I was lucky that we had clean clothes for them, let alone Halloween outfits! So this year will be their first costumes, so excited, they are too cute.
    .-= Bekki´s last blog ..And a Month Later…. =-.

  2. Brilliant! I love the preemie ballerinas!

    I found a three dollar giraffe costume this year at a garage sale in July, so then I just looked online and at thrift stores, garage sales, etc… for any other safari animal (zebra, elephant, tiger, etc…) and found a free elephant costume at a kid’s clothing exchange, so my boys are going to be coordinated, but not matching and look adorable – all for three bucks! Can’t wait for Saturday!!!

  3. Man I wish I would have thought of that! They were born 10-15 two years ago and the one NICU stayer actually came home on Halloween night, that would have been so fun! GREAT idea!

  4. I’ll second Bekki on Build A Bear costumes. A good friend just had her little girl last week, and threw a Build A Bear costume on her itty bitty thing on Saturday. She got the tip from another friend whose son used a Build A Bear costume his first Halloween.
    There are more choices than pet costumes, and they generally are more people shaped.
    .-= Janel´s last blog ..First Birthday Party Pictures =-.

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