Halloween, Take Two

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Last year was our most low-key Halloween ever. I thought briefly about getting our 7 month old twins costumes, but threw that idea out the window once I saw the sticker prices on those cute, little infant costumes. (Sadly, I was not the savvy bargain shopper I am now, and did not know to check out the Old Navy costume sale, the local consignment shops, or the fall MoM sale.) Instead, I picked up two Halloween shirt/pants outfits from Target, and my babies wore them several times throughout October.


4-7pm was still a really tough time of day for us, so our trick-or-treating was kept to a minimum. After dinner, we took a walk through the neighborhood, my husband and I each carrying a baby and pointing out all of the big kids in their costumes. Although they were obviously way too young to understand the excitement of Halloween, it was fun to watch my babies’ little faces light up as they watched all the children darting from house to house.

As a result of our early bedtime rule, we did not pass out candy last year. The nursery is at the front of our one story home, so we kept our light off and prayed that no one would ring our bell. With the front of our house dark, and not a pumpkin in sight, we were left to ourselves for the entire evening.

But this year, with twins almost 20 months old, I’m ready to begin teaching them about the fun and excitement of Halloween. In September, I picked up brand new costumes- a monkey and a bear- at a MoM sale for $5 each. They are way too big, but the kids got soooo excited when they tried them on, that we decided to just roll up the sleeves and pant legs and go with it (and may continue to do so for several more years!).



We kicked off the start of Halloween week by attending a Halloween party at our local senior citizens center. The kids sat and listened to stories, and then went trick-or-treating around the room- going from table to table, gathering goodies and compliments from the admiring seniors. Honestly I’m not sure who was happier, the kids or the seniors. Next we went to a Halloween playdate, which was basically a room full of kids in costumes playing with toys. And we’ll finish up the week by attending our town’s family Halloween party and visiting just our closest neighbors for trick-or-treating. With Halloween being the night before we fall back an hour, we should have plenty of time to participate in giving out a little candy as well before bedtime.

What plans do you have for Halloween this year, and what traditions are you most excited about sharing with your kids?

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5 thoughts on “Halloween, Take Two”

  1. My boys are going to be monkeys – last year I bought the costumes for 90% off after Halloween. One of my proudest shopping moments so far. :)

    I’m going to their daycare Halloween parade in a few minutes, which I think is going to be adorable.
    .-= pam´s last blog ..Slight update to the look =-.

  2. My 6so son is going to be a tarantula – we always make his costume and this year is no exception. He’ll trick-or-treat in our town’s historic district with all the other kids.

    My twin girls are only 8 months old so they’ll stay home, but they’ll look cute in their glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesies.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Bragging Rights =-.

  3. I was mentally composing a similar post for Monday. :-) Though this is technically our third Halloween, it still feels like a first. In 2007, they weren’t even 3 months old. I remember it being a hellish meltdown of a day. Last year I put them in costumes, but at 15 months old, they were still too little to stay up for trick or treating. This year they’re all kinds of excited about it. Should be fun!

  4. We have darling Pebbles and BamBam costumes. We were planning on wearing them to the library story time party and then to a church trunk-o-treat on Saturday, but the kids are sick. Last year they were penguins and way too hot and tied to even care. This year at 17 months I think they would really enjoy the novelty of going to a couple neighbor’s houses and getting candy. If they aren’t feeling better by Saturday we might just have to get dressed up next week and go for a short little walk.
    We are moving to New Zealand at the first of the year and this might be our last chance to celebrate Halloween for a couple of years.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..ducks =-.

  5. Oh my twins are monkeys just like your costume! They were the biggest hit trick or treating and at the halloween party! It took us a good half and hour to get around the cul-de-sac and then off to the halloween party with a bunch of kids! Made it til almost 10 with no problems, maybe the sugar kept them up!!! haha

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