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You know how often I get excited about Monday Night Football? NEVER. Except this past Monday night when the New Orleans Saints were up against the hotness that is Tom Brady. I used to live in New Orleans so I can occasionally care about these things. Oh, and in New Orleans is where I met my friend Anu, a cardiologist. I was a first year graduate student in the School of Public Health, all of twenty-two years old, the same age she had been when she had finished MEDICAL SCHOOL. We worked on a NIH grant together and had the grandest old time and have been friends ever since, even though she now practices medicine in Alabama, a huge SEC football rival to another sometimes favorite team, LSU. See how useful the internet can be?

So I am leaving the office that day and I send a text to Jennifer and I’m all “If I’m watching football, I want Azuma sushi for dinner”, because me sitting down to deliberately watch a football game should be rewarded! She’s all “I want Berryhill”, and I’m all “I’ll get both after we put the kids down” which is something you can do when you can drive downtown for sushi, hit the neighborhood Berryhill, and be back at home in your jammers all within 35 minutes. Sure, there’s been a string of arsons and shootings and whatnot, but the innercity does have it’s benefits!

There Jennifer was, unconscious on the floor because I was sitting down on the couch before kickoff, actually caring about football. Granted, I had my laptop. Midway into the first quarter, I fired up Facebook and posted the following status update: “Azuma Sushi takeout pairs nicely with Saints Kicking A**!”

The “likes” started rolling in – not unexpected since I do live in the Southish. And then my friend, Anu (remember her?) comments: “language, there are children around”, referring to Harper and Mateo, our 19.5 month old twins.

To which I responded: “@Anu, you should hear Harper say the word ‘focus’, or ‘fork’. Let’s just say my language is mild by comparison.” (You can hear it here).

To which another friend chimes in that her twins’ enunciatory challenge – and I can make up words like ‘enunciatory’ because I don’t even punctuate properly – that their challenge is the word “clock”.

The fact that actual words come out of their mouths, sometimes strung along in better 3-5 word structured sentences than their mommy has been known to use, is both amazing and frightening.

Over Thanksgiving, Mateo said “open the door, please” to my mother, clear as day. Of course, the next morning he asked for “missicks” (music), BUT STILL. That these tiny people-looking toddlers are speaking with intent is a bit disturbing. And funny! And a reminder that yes, I really do need to be aware that children, prone to repeating what they hear, are lurking around.

Any enunciatory gaffes in your household?

Rachel is a working mommy, toy broker, kitchen bitch, and birther to 19.5 month old boy/girl twins. Fodder for her childrens’ future therapy sessions is chronicled over on Rachel’s blog, Motherhood.Squared

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9 thoughts on “Focus”

  1. I’m always so entertained by your postings. I have 18 month old boy/girl twins and I also live in Houston (actually Katy…far away from downtown and also not quite as interesting, but we do have Barryhill, yum).

    Our twins are just starting to explore words. They do a lot of babbling and sometimes come out with actual words. They do use a lot of signs, thanks to Baby Signing Time dvds that they like to watch while I get dinner ready. Their favorite words and sis (sister) bo (book), mo (more) and thankfully mom and dad. But my husband has gotten my son to say the words “crap” and “sex” with perfect clarity. Thanks sweetheart.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..presidente =-.

  2. (the quote is from my blog, not memory)
    Right before the boys turned 3, I was playing “dinner” with them one night. Nate took my plate away and said this:

    “Mommy you were not eating so I took your plate away. You were just playing. You do not play with your food. Do you want to eat more? You can’t eat if you are going to play.”


    So far we haven’t heard any swear words from them but recently it’s “whatever.” To me that’s more irritating than swearing.
    .-= LauraC´s last blog ..Our longest running stroke of genius =-.

  3. The one that made us gasp every single time was, from about 18-24 months, Daniel was super excited to see flags. Especially on a flagpole. To which he would shriek at the top of his lungs, “flag on a stick!” Except that he kind of dropped the “l” in flag, and “st” came out as a “d.”

    It was simultaneously alarming and hilarious.
    .-= Goddess in Progress´s last blog ..It’s that time of year =-.

  4. The thing that always gets me is when my 3 year old is in the other room, and I think totally absorbed in whatever he’s playing with, until I him repeat something I just said. Usually it’s “oh, crap” or me telling one of the twins no. They are ALWAYS listening. 😉
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..26 weeks preggie pics =-.

  5. Both fork and frog sound nothing like a word you’d want to hear from a 21 month old in our house.

    And yes, I know that at least my daughter is always listening because she repeats everything she hears. T and I definitely have to be careful about what we say, because she picked up the phrase “step off” one night when we were playing around. Thankfully she’s yet to repeat it in public.
    .-= reanbean´s last blog ..Wish You Were Here =-.

  6. When my daughter first learned the word “shoe”, it sounded like that other s-word. It didn’t help that my husband taught her to say “take a shoe.”

    We’ve been getting a lot of packages in the mail recently, and a while back at dinner my daughter (Nora) pointed at her brother (Milo) and said “Milo has a big package!” We couldn’t help cracking up at that one.
    .-= albe´s last blog ..Conversations =-.

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