Thank God for Messy Faces

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On those days when you don’t have enough eyes to watch all your children or enough arms to keep them all out of trouble.  When you are too tired or distracted or busy to be giving everyone all the attention they need….

When you have a 3 year old who decides he doesn’t like cheese, which he usually loves.  When he decides he has to throw his cheese and the rest of his lunch in the garbage. When you decide that he needs a time out to think about this.  When you decide that he really needs to spend a few minutes in his room. When he’s practically hysterical, all because of the cheese you served him for lunch. When you’re busy comforting him and trying to figure out why cheese is suddenly so unpopular. When you realize you’ve been upstairs dealing with this crisis while your 11-month old twins are all alone downstairs in the kitchen.  When you realize how long you’ve left them unsupervised.  When you start to get worried about what you’ll find when you get back to them.  When you arrive to see this…

Helping myself Feeding myself

Or when your talking on the phone with the real estate agent.  When you’re trying to figure out the details of offers to buy and mortgages. When you turn away for a minute to write something down.  When you finally put down the phone. When you suddenly notice it has gotten very quiet.  When you look up to see this…


… and nothing worse. You have to laugh and thank god for messy faces because obviously someone is looking out for you and your children.

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4 thoughts on “Thank God for Messy Faces”

  1. ha ha ha … verrry cute. What a great post. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment of relief feeling.

    I always wonder about those America’s Funniest Home Video shows … some of those kids have completely trashed a bathroom with shaving cream or smeared peanut butter over the entire kitchen … it always makes me wonder how long they were left alone …

    I’m like you … gone for just a very short time and really relieved that everything was OK.

  2. Very cute. They can make a mess so quickly. You don’t have to be gone long. One day in the time it took me to pee my DD let the twins into the fridge and I came out to a dozen broken eggs, strawberries, and cheese crushed all over the kitchen floor! Everyone got a time out for the 20 minutes it took to clean it up.

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