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I am a SAHM to my twins and LOVE that I am able to be!  I really enjoy it, but of course, there are those moments when I want to run for the hills. :)  My 16 monthers have recently learned how FUN it is to ‘push each other’s buttons.’  Okay- now I’m taking that too literally here, but- funny story:  Riley has had a belly button hernia since she was a few weeks old.  It’s much better now, but her belly button still sticks out… more than an outie would.  Reese has recently noticed this.  EVERY time I change Riley’s diaper, Reese runs over yelling “BALL!” and bends down and tries to pick up Riley’s belly button!  It is the funniest thing in the world, but not to Riley- she thinks Reese is tickling her, so she laughs and screams at the same time.  They are a mess!  ANYWAY, they love to GO.  Love getting out and about and also playing at home– not still too often.  I’ve noticed lately that they need a distraction from ‘pushing each other’s buttons…’ maybe it has something to do with the CrAzY cold weather we’ve had here in Texas.  (I’m ready for Spring!)

As a former elementary school teacher, this isn’t surprising, but I came across this GREAT website I wanted to pass along!  The curriculum/lessons start very young and go through preschool.  It’s very simple for my girls age (16 months), but it’s a guide with a great book to read, a game to play (pretend), arts and crafts (for older), etc.  It’s SO FUN!  The teacher in me is BEAMING.  Hope you and your kids think it’s fun too!

Amy is a SAHM to 16 month old twin girls, Reese and Riley.  Read more about our adventures here.

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2 thoughts on “Playing & Learning”

  1. Three out of my four had belly button hernias and now have outies. They cannot understand why their sister has an innie. I don’t have the heart to tell them innies are much more common than outies! Now I’m off to check the website!
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Staying Home from School =-.

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