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It happened last week: my worst parenting fear.  Riley had the dreaded stomach bug. Throw up = I want to run away.  When I was an elementary school teacher, on the first day of school when teachers oh so nicely go over the rules, I would always tell my kids, “If you ever feel sick like they’re going to throw up, don’t walk but RUN out of my classroom.  You will not get in trouble for running or leaving without permission.  RUN to the bathroom and then go straight to the nurse’s office.  If you want to take my trashcan with you, you may.  But remember- RUN.”  Such a sweet, sensitive teacher I was. :)  One time though, a kid took the trashcan and later came back to return it… sick!  I had to rephrase my ‘throw up speech’ the next year… “I don’t need the trashcan back- thanks.”  ha!  ANYWAY… back to MY child.  Riley Grace was just beyond pitiful last week.  She had blow out diapers and couldn’t keep anything down.  Her normal tiny self usually has a huge appetite and is soooo happy.  She just wanted me to hold her and cried and cried.  All the while… I still had a healthy, ENERGETIC daughter to take care of as well.  As I’d hold Riley and rock her, Reese would come over and try to sit in my lap, try to push her sister off, bring me books to read her, and fuss, fuss, fuss because SHE wanted Mommy to play with her.  How hard!!  I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to let her go play with my nephew at my sister’s house one day, so I could take care of Riley and bring her to the doctor.  And thankfully, Reese has stayed well.  I’m very surprised!  They tend to share everything!  So, ladies, HOW do you do it?!  When one’s sick and one isn’t- it’s so hard to meet both kids’ needs.  Don’t you think?  I’m worn out just thinking about it.  The good news is: we all survived and are all well now.  YAY!  Have you experienced this too?

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3 thoughts on “One Sick Child”

  1. The first time we had a massive bug go through the house was just about a year ago when my daughters were 3. It was terrible. It started out with one sick and 3 healthy and then worked its way through everyone (I was the last to get it, natch). For awhile, it was hard for me to determine who was sick… the healthy ones would say they were sick just to get the same attention the sickie had. At first, I kept everyone home from preschool as a precaution… but once I could figure out who was healthy and who was sick I let the healthy ones go so they could get out of the house. It’s tough. Glad everyone in your house is doing better.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Kids and Glasses =-.

  2. We went through this around Christmas. Me, Daddy, and Abby all got the stomach bug, but Alex didn’t. I have no idea how! It was the first “big” sickness we’ve had with Abs. Alex got the croup last year, Abby didn’t.
    I’m lucky to have 2 daughters that seem to “know” when their sissy is sick. :) At first, they are like hello? What about me? Then they seem to catch on, and give the other space. Not that its THAT easy, but they make it easier for me.

  3. We’ve only had one stomach bug go through our house so far, and both kids had it at roughly the same time. Fortunately, when they weren’t vomiting, they were in pretty good spirits and played as usual. The toughest part was not being able to get out to our usual activities.

    In 8 years of classroom teaching, I never had a child throw up in my classroom. I was always pretty clear with the “run, don’t walk” directions too. :)
    .-= reanbean´s last blog ..A Healthier Me: Goal Assessment =-.

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