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I’m a rip-off-the-bandaid kind of person, at least as far as parenting goes.  In most things, I have no interest in dragging out the process.  I’d rather have one really horrible week and then have something be over, instead of going back and forth for months on end.

Call me a sadist, but I actually kind of loved sleep-training. We did overnight, naps, and ditching the swaddle, all at the same time.  Once I had read up on the method and bought into the concept, I did not have any trouble holding my resolve for cry-it-out.  Four days later, I had two 6-month-olds who slept 12 hours at night and woke up happy.  Totally worth the three hours my son cried that first night (and the third, too). He’s been a ridiculously solid sleeper ever since.  I am the first to encourage other people to do it. Hell, if I was a night-owl like my husband, I’d probably go into business and let people pay me to sleep-train their kids.

I went cold-turkey on saying goodbye to bottles, too.  Just threw ’em in the trash one day, and that was that. My daughter barely drank any milk for a few days (plenty of water and dairy, don’t worry), but once we found the cup she liked, all was well.  Swapping out a bottle for a cup here and there just wasn’t our style.

And now, I have 2.5-year-olds. You can probably guess what transition is up next.

Potty training.

(cue horror movie music)

I’ve been thinking about it for months, now.  We’ve held out simply due to my own fears, not because I think the kids weren’t ready.  For whatever reason, I finally decided it was time.  I decided to start with my daughter, and have my husband take her brother out of the house for as much of the weekend as humanly possible. (Two solid days of the four of us not leaving the house and trying to negotiate the potty all together sounded like a recipe for disaster… I wanted us to still like each other when this was all over.)

Saturday morning, we through out all of the smaller diapers in the house and put my daughter in underwear.  Watched her like a hawk, tried to keep her entertained without leaving the house. For a mom that usually gets the kids out and about at least once or twice a day, it goes counter to everything I usually strive for, but we’ve stayed in.

Today is day three, and I think (knock on wood) that we may be turning a corner.  I’ll do my best to give a full report when we’re out of the weeds.

In the meantime, I can tell you one thing: I will not be turning into any kind of professional potty-trainer.  But we’ve gone cold turkey, and there is no going back.

See you on the other side.

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5 thoughts on “Cold Turkey”

  1. We did the same thing with potty training and it was really pretty easy. Three days did the trick and now she is a champ at 2 yr, 3 mths on the potty. Her twin… well let’s just say I am proud to have ONE out of diapers :) Good luck to you with your others one!!

  2. So glad to hear that day three is going well! We did the cold turkey approach for potty training with Tiny and it went really well. Unfortunately that same approach did not work out for Buba, but I really believe it was because he just isn’t ready yet. Once he is we’ll try it again. Looking forward to reading your full report!
    .-= reanbean´s last blog ..Potty Training: Take Two? =-.

  3. Hey hey, look at you go! I love your go big or go home approach to milestones- it rocks. I’m in awe. I break into hives at the thought of potty training though. I know there’s time, no rush, but just the thought. Yikes. Eagerly awaiting your full report/instructions on the cold turkey method. Plan to mount it to my wall :)
    .-= Jungletwins´s last blog ..Birth Story (and it’s a doozy) =-.

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