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Ever wish there was something that would make your day with your multiples easier?!  I find myself dreaming up these silly inventions (and usually laughing at them).  My latest…

Our two-story house that we so blindly bought 3 1/2 years before children, has been driving me NuTs. Stairs + babies/ toddlers= don’t mix. The girls are good at crawling up the stairs, but both often decide to stop in mid crawl to check on me or their sister and almost fall. (don’t get me started on going down the stairs- yikes!) Did I mention at the bottom of the stair case is TILE? Reese’s latest “Miss Independence-ism” is wanting towalk up the stairs, which requires a little help from me. So just the other day when focusing on her walking, Riley flew by me- down, down, down. I shove my leg behind Reese so she doesn’t fall all while catching Riley from plummeting to the tile.  I’m forced to be a contortionist, I tell you! I keep thinking someone should invent a little chair with straps that will electrically bring children safely up. Ski-lift like. Then it dawned on me. George Costanza did just that (but not for babies)! In an episode of Seinfeld when he was lying as usual- pretending he was unable to walk- in order to get this job, he rode up the stairs in a little seat. It is one of the best episodes! Everyone is walking by so quickly as his slowwwww chair creeps up and he waves at everyone passing… when he could very well be walking with them.  The song “My Baby Takes the Morning Train” is playing all the while. What a crack up! I now can’t go up the stairs (aka perform my juggling act) without singing that song. For your viewing pleasure in case you haven’t seen this genius of George Costanza:

Click here for the clip :)

What would you create/invent to make your life with multiples a bit easier??  A girl can DrEaM!

Amy is mama to 18 month olds Reese and Riley.  The latest ‘comment’ she gets out in public, due to the girls’ size difference, is, “Your babies are really close together!”  Then when Riley talks to them in little sentences, they’re REALLY blown away. Like  she has a genius 9 month old. ha ha! :)  Read about their adventures at http://lovestarbucksalatte.blogspot.com

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13 thoughts on “Easier, please?”

  1. I love that Seinfeld episode! Thanks for the morning laugh! :)

    With one of your girls being smaller than the other, do you find yourself wanting to dress them alike to reinforce that they’re twins? Our girls are not too far apart in size, but I like to say they’re “very” fraternal (HA!), i.e. they don’t look much alike. At 14 months, I think it’s pretty obvious they’re twins, but I wonder how they’ll appear as they get a little older.

    Have a great day!
    .-= MandyE´s last blog ..A Day of "Firsts" and "Long-overdues" =-.

  2. I feel your pain. We have a quad-level. Ugh. But I will say my 18-month olds are very good at getting up and down them, though we have had to learn through several good tumbles (makes me shudder just thinking about them.) Nothing like a good goose-egg on the forehead to make you want to sell your house (ours has been on the market for 13-months.)

    If it makes you feel any better, my twins are EXACTLY the same height, and I still get the “they must be close in age” comment. I usually respond, “45-seconds, actually.” Smartass.

  3. The stairs were the my nemesis for so long. The minute no one wanted to be carried, I freaked out. I actually found (and bought) a great hand rail at Babies R Us. It attaches to your existing rail and hangs at toddler height. It definitely eliminated a lot of spills. I forget what it’s called.
    .-= Quadmama´s last blog ..Icky, Sticky Bubble Gum =-.

  4. Hmmm, I may need to invest in that handrail. We have three levels (well, 4 but the kids are only allowed on three of them) and the stairs are an issue. Both go up – or CAN go up. I have to trick them to actually do it. Of course, if I don’t want them to go up, they speed to the top. One can go down and the other technically knows how but refuses. Sigh. I plan most of my day around what level of the house we will be on. It’s weird to live this way (I think!) but ranches are hard to come by in New England. Most all houses that are big enough for us are two stories or more.

    Maybe an elevator would help? Or a baby dumbwaiter? :)
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Early Intervention, Round 2 =-.

  5. I love that episode of Seinfeld too.

    We’ve always had stairs with our 3 … and since they could crawl we worked on stair safety … all the work paid off … we have been without gates since about 2 years old.

    The thing I would want with multiples is four arms … … that way I could carry two babies and still have two arms to do other stuff …

    Just think … with one baby you get one extra arm, 2 babies – 2 extra arms, 3 babies – 3 extra arms. You ladies with quads … you get the extra arms and a special title …

    It might stop people from asking if the kids are twins … they would just see all your extra arms … :))
    .-= Merri Ann´s last blog ..Our Beautiful Spring Day Adventure =-.

  6. We live in a 3 level townhouse and it is a miracle no one has fallen because my boys are not careful on the stairs. They are excellent at going up and down, but they jostle each other for position if going at the same time (age now is 29 mos.). The stairs are killing me. Laundry is all the way down, bedrooms are all the way up, kitchen on middle level.
    An invention that I think would sell like blockbusters is a crib that makes the “crib tent” unnecessary. So many moms of multiples must deal with multiples sharing a room and getting out of their cribs WAAY too young in age. There should be a wonderful, adjustable, comfortable, functional, SAFE crib with SUPER high sides for safety and containment (that doesn’t actually look like a “jail”). Somehow this could be manufactured and would be a lifesaving miracle product.
    They should also manufacture and sell playpens like in the old days, that really were BIG enough to play in, sturdy, spacious, adjustable and hard to get out of. All they make nowadays are the small, flimsy “pack n play” which is no substitute.

  7. And I realize we do have available the super play yard (gate) enclosure that you can adjust and shape to your preference to create an enclosed play space, but any crafty toddler from age 1 or older can pull down the sides, at least that was my experience.

  8. 20 minutes before I read your post I just tried letting my 12 month-old b/g twins climb the stairs themselves. This was the first time they did it with just me supervising. What I learned was that they were eager for their independence but my girl is so much faster than my son. I tried to get her to slow down but she just went faster. I finally had to just pick my son up and just follow her up.

  9. Up until a couple of months ago we lived in a house with a long stair case ending in tile. We invested in a good baby gate and drilled them into going down the stairs on their bellies. Now they are pros (21 months. I never have to worry about them falling down the stairs and even in other situations, like getting off the tramp or climbing into the swimming pool they always crawl in on their bellies, which give me a couple of extra seconds in reaction time. We really miss our stairs, they were great for burning off energy.

    If I could invent one thing for twins…it would be a car that actually fits three carseats across and a stroller in the truck.
    .-= Rusted Sun´s last blog ..national children’s day =-.

  10. I think practice, practice, practice is my biggest advice on the stairs. I taught my girls to go down “feet first, on your tummy” (same as on the slide) so they kind of slide down backwards, and that has always felt really safe. Going up is harder though. We have carpet on our stairs and that feels a lot safer than our old house with steeper, non-carpeted stairs. My girls are starting to insist on trying to walk up/down too (21 months) and I am thinking about getting those lower kid handrails. I think it would help a lot, and would be useful for many years.

    As for my invention….early on, detachable breasts! I realize bottles and pacifiers are an attempt at this, but my girls were big comfort nursers and not fans of the imitations.

    Now, I could really use little force fields to encase each toddler at times so that they could not bite/hit/tackle each other or steal toys.

    A self-cleaning bathroom would also be swell. Jetson-style!
    .-= Kristin from Intrepid Murmurings´s last blog ..Toddler Activity Bags: Playmat fun! =-.

  11. We have a gated playroom that the boys – now 2 – are quickly learning how to escape, but the best thing was crib tents.

    They started climbing out at 18 months. I feel a little bad, because they look like bird cages, but we had one of the boys take a fall when they were first climbing out, and I never want to hear that sickening ‘thump’ again.

    The thing I would most like? Another me, for sure.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..What Shows Up =-.

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