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My sister (who has a 2 1/2 year old) and I (18 month old twins) always laugh about the fact that we will not ‘potty in peace’ for many years to come.  I mean really, Reese and Riley-  can’t Mommy sneak away for a quick moment without you accompanying me into the tiniest space in our entire home?  It becomes a party.  The dog even joins us… good thing she’s small.  The girls begin naming everything they see (good thing they don’t have a complete vocab yet -haha! JK): potty, paper, trash, sink…  Then they begin the oh so fun game of ‘SLAM the door.’  If sister is in the way?  Doesn’t matter- game must go on.  Dog in the way?  Still slamming.  Mommy says no?  Still playing with the door.  I mean, let’s face it: when pottying, we are a bit ‘tied down‘ if you will, and I think our kids know it!  ha!

We’re quickly approaching 19 months where the boundaries are getting pushed and tested.  Which is of course natural, but good heavens- I’m tired!  It also means I am no longer parenting to the extent of ONLY taking care of and loving my children, I now… also have to set boundaries.  Teach them right from wrong.  Provide consequences when needed.  But they’re only 18 1/2 months old- what do they fully comprehend?  It’s hard!  Just as our kids change with age, our parenting must change.  And as you all know, multiples can certainly be partners in crime! :)

It’s a challenging age, but I LOVE watching their little minds soak in everything around them- learning new words and new skills every single day.   MoM to toddlers… How do you do it??! :)

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5 thoughts on “Toddlers”

  1. Not winning any mom of the year awards here, but I lock the bathroom door. They can deal and I can get five minutes of privacy. I did let them in for a while when we were potty training (they are now almost three) but now that we’ve done that, it’s back to locking the door.

  2. I’m still fighting this one. Jessica’s learned that I like my bathroom privacy, but Melody always finds something she HAS to tell me. Right now! If I lock the door, she lies down on the floor and tries to talk to me under it.

    I laid down the law two days ago, but I don’t know how well it’s working. I just try to take all my bathroom breaks at work and when the girls are asleep!
    .-= Sadia´s last blog ..Having a baby changes you =-.

  3. This made me laugh. I was thinking the same thing the other day as I’m showering as my twin girls AND my husband had to be in the bathroom at the same time. WTH, folks? Can’t mommy get any privacy? If I lock the door, they stand outside of it and scream, which is more annoying to me than just letting them in. I do think it helped with potty training though, so there’s a positive!

  4. I have yet to come up with a solution to this problem, and my girls just turned 2. Mostly I try to sneak into the bathroom when they’re distracted, but they usually notice and start pounding on the door. When I do let them in, they wreck havoc. Goodnight Moon was chucked into a full bathtub last week!
    .-= Jungletwins´s last blog ..Women Who Hate Children- What is their Deal? =-.

  5. As far as the bathroom situation, we have half of our house gated off: our bedroom [which the doors don’t fully close in our 1940’s house, that’s why the gates] and hallway leading to the bathroom. The gate is really close to the bathroom door so I just sneak over and they usually stand at the gate. Letting them in is a nightmare: slamming doors [and fingers – ouch], starting the bath water, almost falling into the tub, and getting into the trash…yuck. It’s just easier to get them busy doing something, like a puzzle, and sneak out for a minute. [My girls are 20 months].

    As far as boundaries go, I recently have seen my girls turn a corner….maybe not all the way, but slightly :-) They now know what “no” means and what consequences will follow if they don’t obey.

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