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WOAH.  I’ve had such a crazy last four days, that as I sit down to write my HDYDI post, it’s all I can think about so I’d like to tell you allll about it.  Go ahead- sit down and maybe get a drink… you might need one after hearing all this- ha!

Friday night: I was getting the bath ready, undressing the girls etc., when Riley decided to pee on the floor , then: while in the tub, she gagged herself and threw up.  Luckily her sister was already out when her dinner joined her in the tub.  But Reese was unclothed, freezing, and not happy about it.

Saturday: We had 24 people coming over that evening- 15 kids and 9 kids as we were having our March of Dimes team over.  Riley decided that it would be a good day to have fever… just hours before the arrival of the crowd.  Ugh!  It was too late to cancel, but we put her to bed early and it was fine.

Sunday: I bought the girls these adorable (dollar!) sunglasses because they love to wear ours around.

They LOVED them. Until… Riley was crawling around a corner when Reese FELL on her head!  The sunglasses cut her forehead- deep!  Riley Grace had her first ER trip.  :(  But instead of stitches, they glued her cut closed.  STRESS a mama out!  Ahhh!

Monday: Yesterday when things were looking up, Reese began throwing up.  Is there any sickness our kids catch that’s worse?!  I sure despise the stomach bug.

Today: things are much better.  Life sure can be crazy, but at least we have some great stories to tell. :)

Anyone else have such a crazy weekend??!! :)

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7 thoughts on “First Trip to the ER”

  1. Oh man, puke and injuries are my least favorite part of parenting. My twins are SO much crazier and daredevilish than my first daughter so we have already had several big injuries and an ER visit, too.

    Our biggest injury happened when one of my twins fell and bit through her lip, all the way through. She was about 18 months, screaming and gushing blood, and I had all three girls BY MYSELF. Thank goodness for other twin moms (I happened to be at a multiples club event) who pretty much told me what to do and took my other girls while we went to the ER!

    Hope your subsequent week and weekend have been MUCH less eventful, and everyone is feeling better, too.
    .-= Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings´s last blog ..How to keep 10 kids busy for a LONG TIME (plus yummy granola bar recipe) =-.

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