I guess they aren’t babies anymore

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Our girls are now 16 months old and they are moving from the “baby” stage to the “little people” stage. In the just the last few weeks, I’ve noticed so many changes.

  • They are getting more affectionate. They will give hugs to other people, their toys and even their books.  They like to cuddle and be close to us.
  • They are more communicative. They say a few “words,” they are using some signs and they are definitely trying to make themselves understood using sounds and actions.
  • They are forming relationships. They get excited when familiar people arrive, they head over to greet us when we get home, and they are learning to wave bye-bye.
  • They want to interact. They will bring toys for us to play with, they try to share their food, they feed each other with their spoons, and they trade snacks.
  • They no longer sleep all the time in the car. Last weekend was the first trip where we had to give them snacks in the car, and I should have packed their water bottles too.
  • They are forming opinions. They know which toys, books or snacks they want, and nothing else will do.
  • They can remember. They recognize the doctor’s office and where he keeps the crackers.
  • They can make plans. If they notice the baby gate is open they head for the stairs.
  • They are getting more active. They aren’t walking yet, but they can climb the stairs. They also climb on and off their toy car, and climbed on to a box on the weekend.
  • They are expressive. They squeal and laugh when they’re having fun.  And, they can turn on the tears when they want something.
  • They want to explore the world. They love to look out the front window at the people and dogs walking by. They want to be out of their strollers and playing the in the grass.
  • They are persistent. If R takes a toy from S, S will chase her across the room to get it back.
  • They know our routines. They know they have to leave their soothers in their cribs if they want to be picked up.

Especially with two little ones, it isn’t often I get time to look back and reflect on how they are growing. I’m often focussed on dealing with whatever is happening right now that I don’t get to see how far we’ve come.

What new things are your children doing?  How do you remember to stop and see where they are?

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8 thoughts on “I guess they aren’t babies anymore”

  1. It’s funny, I was just thinking about this today. My two are 19 months old and it seems they’ve figured out how to talk literally overnight. I mean, we’re not talking sentences or anything, but Will busted out a garbled version of “thank you” totally unprompted today. It blew me away that not only he said it, but he used it in the right context.

    It made me sad though, to look at them and think that I totally did not appreciate them in their infant state. I love how awesome they are now, but I do miss the cudlebug tiny infants too.

  2. I love reflecting back on how far my girls have come from 2 and 3 lbs preemies. It seems like every stage they’re in I think- this is my favorite! Then they get to the next and I think no, no THIS is my favorite. (minus the tantrums- ha!). My girls talk SO MUCH. I love hearing them speak each other’s names, look for each other when they’re apart and give mama and daddy the best hugs and kisses. And their laughs?! Oh my- melt. my. heart. I LOVE this age.
    .-= amy o´s last blog ..DQ =-.

  3. Our girls are almost 17 months old, and it does seem like they’ve very recently become “people”. :)

    I like to look back at pictures every few weeks, just to remind myself how quickly they’re growing. I also try to journal (in addition to blogging), jotting down little things here and there that I want to remember. It’s so much fun to read back through my journal from time to time.

    And while I miss things they used to do, I also feel like I say, “I love this age!” with every stage. I’m just trying to soak it all in. :)
    .-= MandyE´s last blog ..Fab 5 Friday =-.

  4. How wonderful to read your story and think about my own twins, who are just about 15 months old. I really love this stage because I am getting more of an insight into who each person is and I also get to see their relationship with each other develop. I’m finally starting to feel like twins are such a gift instead of a cruel joke.

  5. Mine are 2.5, but thanks for reminding me how it was back then! It goes so quickly and we are always so busy that its hard to “stay in the moment” and reflect.

  6. My girls are 13 months and things just keep getting better! I liked holding newborns, but now they “do” things and it’s even better. OTOH, they do things and I have to be really alert. I miss the zillion naps a day phase, but I’m very happy with sleeping all night long. Getting excited for talking and walking, too.

  7. It IS so hard when raising multiples, to actually stop and see where they are, in the rush of managing day to day (and hourly) needs/ demands/ etc. Yesterday my “baby” boys turned 3. They are getting so tall and strong and suddenly my babies are little boys. But I still hold them and cuddle like when they were small! This time is so challenging and its moving so fast, I very rarely take stock of how very far we have come. The road has been bumpy but I’m hanging in there. That is what I celebrated on their birthday as much as anything else.

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