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I was supposed to post this yesterday but it was delayed by two little girls with runny noses trying to use up their body weight in Kleenex,  a playschool field trip, and an after-hours visit from the plumber.

Two years ago, I was very pregnant with my twin daughters, and considering the possibility of Christmas babies.  As Christmas approached, my family members wanted to know what to get me.  Knowing that I would have two little babies arriving within weeks of Christmas, I wrote my Christmas list accordingly:

  1. Our prenatal class instructor told us families expecting multiples needed three things: a king-sized bed, a lazy-boy-style recliner and a freezer full of meals.  I think they are all good suggestions, but we managed without the first two items.
  2. I planned to breastfeed our babies, so I asked for some nursing tops that would work for tandem feedings.  I also got a nursing loungewear outfit that I could wear during the day without feeling I was wearing my pjs.
  3. I knew that while breastfeeding, I wasn’t going to be doing much else, so I asked for books.  After a few years of grad school, I enjoyed all those novels and magazines. I often found myself reading to my 2-year-old son while breastfeeding, or zoning out in front of the TV, but I did enjoy the books, too.
  4. I got a TV show on DVD. For the evening feedings, I could also be sure to have something watch.  By this time of day I was too tired for much else but watching TV and eating.  It took most of the first year to get through 7 seasons of STTNG; an episode was usually long enough to feed both babies.
  5. While breastfeeding, I was eating and drinking more than I did while pregnant.  I enjoyed the herbal teas, flavoured steamed milk, and water out of my new water bottle.  And the kind of snacks you get at Christmas but wouldn’t usually buy for yourself.
  6. A telephone headset was great since I usually had at least one child needing my attention. It let me have adult conversation, emotional support and to get appointments booked while feeding babies, making snacks for a toddler or changing diapers.
  7. Happy and healthy babies are the best gift of all.  They were a wonderful Christmas gift, but I’m glad they arrived a few weeks after the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all the new moms of multiples, and the moms to be!

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6 thoughts on “Mom’s first Christmas”

  1. For my first Mother’s Day (when my boys were 6 weeks old) my husband got me a fancy water bottle and DVR. It made nursing SO much better. I recorded all the “Friends” reruns (I never saw them originally) and random lifetime and hallmark movies :)
    Seriously, something to watch and a cute water bottle were the best gifts ever!

  2. The phone headset would have been an awesome gift. I did not have one but it would have been great. I conducted many phone calls with the phone tucked between my shoulder and ear, with my good eater twin nursing hands-free, and my hand on the other one who was fussy.

  3. Food in the freezer was a huge blessing! My sister sent us prepackaged frozen dinners from some company she found on the Internet. I’d pull one out and in 30 minutes, we’d have pot roast and mash potatoes. What a gift!

    Also, I prefer my cordless phone with a good speaker over a headset. With the headset, someone always ended up pulling the wire, and woops! the earpiece would fly off my ear.
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  4. I wished, when my kids were first born, that we’d had room to buy a big free-standing freezer. We had lots of people bringing us food, but not a lot of room to store it. Even now, almost three years later, a freezer full of meals that I’ve prepared would sure be nice to turn to when I’m short on time. :)
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  5. I also got a lot of reading done while I was nursing. I read Time from cover to cover every week, which I certainly can’t fit in any more. Also, once I got out of a cube and into an office, I just kept working while I pumped.

    My first Christmas was something of a blur. It was my first solo plane ride with my girls, and I had to change a poopy diaper in my lap. Once I got to my in-laws’, though, it was WONDERFUL to have so many more pairs of hands for the babies.
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  6. The first Chrismtas was a blue for me as well. Very tiring, but I do remember and LOVE this ornament that my sister got for us. It said CONGRATULATIONS for making it to your TWINS FIRST CHRISTMAS! I love it!! its from a website called birdsnbeestees. I highly recommend it anyone with multiples!

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