Did You Need A Renovation Rescue?

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Yesterday, I got a link to an upcoming episode of a TV show (George to the Rescue) where a family expecting triplets gets a “renovation rescue” when their family of three is about to become a family of six.

It made me think about the extra space we needed bringing home two babies. For such little people, they required a lot of space. Our 3 bedroom townhouse was soon filled with baby gear.  We parked the double stroller in what our realtor would eventually describe as “the breakfast nook.”  There was a playpen, then a crib in the dining room for when the girls were downstairs. At different times there were two bouncy seats, a swing, or two exersaucers, plus toys and books for their 2-year-old brother.

We had always planned to move out of our starter house at some point, probably when our oldest started school. But adding two to our family, made us start thinking about moving sooner. I think it was about the time they started sleeping in their own room, which used to be my office, that I started thinking about it more seriously. I knew that at some point I’d need to get back to my work, and I would need space to do it. Once we started talking about moving, the idea quickly developed its own momentum.

My husband was working full-time and taking night classes, so the weekends we traded off the childcare responsibilities so we could paint the upstairs bathroom and landing, clean out the garage, put stuff in storage and get the house ready to list. While the house was being shown, it had to look immaculate. To make it easier, we stopped using two bathrooms, put away all the toys that wouldn’t fit in one laundry basket, leant the exersaucers to a friend with twins, and developed a routine for cleaning up and getting out whenever there was a showing. Surprisingly, our realtor got feedback saying that our house looked like a show home or as if no one was living there.

Selling our house was only half the process. The other half was finding a new house for our growing family.  We had a wish list with details about size, location, and features. It was more complicated than we expected to find and purchase our new house, but after living in it for a year and half, I know we made the right decision. We finally have the time and money to start some renovations, to paint, to landscape and to make it our own. There is room enough for all three kids, their toys and room to grow. Thinking back to our townhouse, I can’t imagine how where we would have found room for their play kitchen or the table and chairs where they do crafts or space for a sandbox.

Once again, having twins change our plans, but once again that change turned out to be a good thing.

Was your house ready for your multiples? Did you have to renovate or relocate to make room for your family?

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6 thoughts on “Did You Need A Renovation Rescue?”

  1. When the twins joined our already crowded home, we just squeezed them in! (All seven of us still share one bathroom. We figure that a family that brushes together stays together, right?!!) But we did have to get a new car. :)

  2. Our house was not ready for twins! We squeezed two cribs into our master bedroom and figured when the babes got big enough they could share with the older sister in her room. (We technically have a 2 bedroom house.) Then we realized the older sister actually sleeps and the babes don’t. So, alas, we turned one of the large bedrooms back into two small bedrooms in our 90+ year old house. We moved into the big sister’s room and now she has her own very small room and the babes share a very small room. This bought us probably 5 years and then we’ll either have to add on or move. Both options are pretty unappealing.
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  3. My husband is in the Army and we moved when our girls were 4 months old. It wasn’t great and we’re still trying to get unpacked but it did have one advantage- we bought a house with our twins in mind. The girls have a nice big room with enough space for 2 cribs, a changing table, dresser and rocking chair. Dad has an office. I have a craft room/play room. Our kitchen, living room and dining room are all open so that we can be in the kitchen and still see the girls in the living room. So far its been great but the girls are only 7 months old. I would say the 2 best features are the big garage (great for storing multiple multiples strollers) and the laundry room (so we can shut the door and pretend the mountains of laundry don’t exist). We moved out of on-post housing at our last place so thankfully we didn’t have to try to sell/show a house with baby twins! Don’t know how you did that…

  4. It’s true…there never seems to be enough room to house multiples! We still don’t have enough. With three boys and only three bedrooms, our biggest problem is who gets to room solo? After much shuffling around, we finally settled on one bedroom as a “study” complete with built-in desk spanning two walls, and the second as a “bunk room.” Thankfully it’s worked out well.
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  5. We were not ready for our triplets! They arrived 5 weeks ago.We live in a tiny shoebox of a house, lol. We had a 10year old girl and a two year old boy and planned to squeeze one more in, we had the shock of our lives to find we were having three! The two kids were sharing a bedroom upstoars and we had planned to move our daughter to the spare room in the basement, but now both the older ones are donwstairs and the babies are in the upstairs room. We will be looking to buy a new place soon, lol.

  6. The first words out of DH’s mouth when we heard “and there is the second baby” in our 8 week ultrasound – “We need to move” and so we did. We were lucky enough to sell our 950 sq.ft house and move into our 4 bedroom 2300 sqft house with just 3 months to spare before the twins made their appearance. There was more than enough space when the babies were babies, but now that they toddle (20 months old!!) I don’t think there would be enough room in a mansion!! They are everywhere! But we love every minute of it! And we still have an empty bedroom until our b/g twins decide they don’t want to share a room anymore.

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