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We are making some changes with the blog.  Over the next month will be welcoming some new bloggers which will mean more frequent postings and more diverse experiences.  In August we are going to have a theme week (Back to (pre)School).

I though I would start of this period of transition, by changing my approach. Rather than telling how I do it, I’m going to ask you what you would do.

Here’s my situation.  All three kids (4 year + 2 year old twins) are going to full day playschool one day a week in the fall. My son, the older child, is also going to playschool the rest of the week. I’ll preparing lots of lunches, snacks, backpacks, and changes of clothes.

I bought sticky name labels for my son (blue labels with a train) when he started playschool, and I think they’re great.  Instead of finding a permanent marker, I just peel and stick labels on his shoes, clothes, snack containers, etc. I’m planning to order labels for the girls’ playschool supplies too.

Name Labels

Here are some of the options I’m considering:

– Ordering a batch of labels with a color and style different from my son’s with just our last name for the girls to share.  If we run out of labels for my son, he’ll use these ones too.

– Ordering a batch of labels for each girl with a symbol for each. They are only 2.5 so I’m not sure they’ll recognize their names yet. The color options are limited so I’m not sure I can get a different color for each girl – and I don’t want to have everything pink just because they are girls.

– Ordering some of each.  That way shared/family items like dishes for snacks and lunch can have just the last name, and individual items like backpacks can have the full names.

Colored containers

Keep in mind, our girls still share everything.  They are the same size so all clothing, shoes, and hats are shared. The only things that they really have that is their own are their beds.  They always sleep in the same bed. They also tend to choose the same chair at the table.

I’m looking forward to your suggestions!

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6 thoughts on “Ask the readers…. How do YOU do it?”

  1. If they already share everything, then I would just get one set of labels with your last name for the girls.

    My twins are boy/girl, so not as much sharing. I got labels in different colors and with different icons. And after a month or so in preschool, they recognized their own name pretty quickly!
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  2. I got the printed stickers with our last name on them, with dinosaurs on them. The boy’s then picked out which dinosaurs would be theirs ie. long neck, t-rex. For the teachers sake if it was something specific to a child I would use a sharpie and put their first initial on the sticker.
    This has worked for not only pre-school and camp, but also some of the fighting over toys!

  3. My boys are also starting preschool in Sept. Their cousins go to the same school, so using just their last name wasn’t an option. I had labels printed that say both their names (with an &) and our last name.

  4. I only have one child in Preschool (well, it’s actually a Mom’s Day Out program) but I love the idea of the last name labels. I think I have seen some lables that you can write your name into. Maybe from Maybel’s Labels? I can’t remember. My twins won’t be in MDO until next year, but I think I will label everything with their last name. They steal each other’s stuff anyway…
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  5. My kids daycare required that everything was individual (no sharing). So I got lables from Oliver’s Lables they stick to everything (I have cups over a year that still are stuck on) The clothes ones were nice but took alot of time to iron on. So sharpies work the best. But don’t be suprised they will reconize their written name quickly once you start labeling.

  6. Thanks for suggestions. I ended up ordering labels with each girls name from Mabel’s Labels. I ordered a package which should last them for a few years so I decided to use their full names (My son has been using his original package of labels for 2 years and all he needs is new shoe labels.) I’m sure as they get older it will matter to them more than it does now.

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