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Starting today, we are welcoming a group of new bloggers to the site. Some have been members of the HDYDI community for a while, but this is there first time as the bloggers. We hope to have posts out at least once a day for the next month. I’m very excited about the new energy and enthusiasm they are bringing to the blog.  Please get involved in the conversation with these new moms of multiples.

We’re going to have a Back to (pre)School Week theme later in August with postings related to school, starting school or preschool, homeschooling, and everything else school themed.

We do have space for a few new bloggers, specifically moms with triplets or quadruplets or more, or women pregnant with twins, triplets or more. Even if you can only post once or twice a month, we’d love to hear your experiences. If you are interested, you can email me at hdydiblog AT gmail DOT com

I’m very excited about the new bloggers.  I’ve had a chance to reading their blogs, and I think they will share their own unique perspectives on mothering multiples. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I have.

Added note: We are also looking for bloggers with school-age or older multiples for regular or occasional posts.

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