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13 months ago, when our identical twin boys joined our family and gave us five small children under the age of five, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to manage.  My mind would race at all the possibilities for disaster and I would glean ideas from other parents of multiples to try and find answers to all my questions.  Although it boggles my mind, I can attest that we made it and we’re thriving!  Yes, there are moments where I am at my wits end, chasing toddling monkeys, managing a mischievous toddler and also homeschooling school-aged children, but there is joy to be found amidst the chaos.  There are amazing memories being made and always opportunity for laughter.

I have also come to realize that I may have learned a couple of things along the way.  I thought I would share a few of these tidbits with you……

  1. Swings are a Mom’s best friend!  I could always be guaranteed that a baby would have at least one solid nap if  they were in the swing.
  2. Sleepers with zippers are a must.  I was never good at fumbling with buttons at 3am in the middle of the 6th diaper change of the night.
  3. Memorize the TV listings for the middle of the night feedings.  You need to be awake anyway, may as well enjoy it.
  4. When starting babies on solids, don’t worry about being neat, just be ready to bathe them when you are finished.  If you are short on time, just feed them in the bath.  This works too.
  5. A baby carrier is a must.  I love my Ergo and often have one of the twins, or the toddler carried safely on my back.
  6. When things feel overwhelming, wait five minutes.  It will get better!

I think my final little tid bit should be self explanatory and will prove to be very important.   My advice is, never, ever, leave twins alone in a room without a diaper on.  Ever.

Although, I wouldn’t know anything about this.

Would you?

What tid bits can you share?

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3 thoughts on “A couple of things”

  1. My tid bits to share are these:
    *A white noise machine in the bedroom of multiples who share a room is a MUST. Especially if your house contains older siblings with different bedtimes, etc. (and blackout curtains OR a dark sheet attached to window covering as a cheaper option- helps lots with naps and summer bedtimes).
    * Pick Your Battles. This applies more to older multiples, preschool age, etc. I learned the hard way to let things slide, set the bar low, enjoy the day as much as possible, and don’t create all these mommy expectations of myself which only made me feel like a dismal failure. Parenting multiples means you won’t have the picture perfect parenthood where its “all under control” – so giving up that illusion early was my best move, and my best advice.
    * Child proof to the fullest extent possible for everyone’s safety. Find and create a safe toddler play space in your home so you aren’t battling all day with what they can touch and not touch.

  2. First of all, let me say I’m in awe of you caring for 5 under 5.
    My tidbit is not to dress your toddlers until AFTER breakfast. That way we start the day in clean clothes, though it never lasts long.
    bea. recently posted life with toddlers x2My Profile

  3. Wow, Ashley you are amazing! 5 under 5 is kind of amazing! You Rock!

    My tip is clean during the day (such as wiping counters, washing laundry or doing dishes) but pick up after bed time (all the toys and randomness spread all over the house)

    I don’t worry about the clutter until after dark. It’s pointless to return the pots and pans to the kitchen 5 times a day when I know the girls will just drag them back into the living room. And since I did most of the cleaning already, my house looks good 20 minutes after bed time. Win!
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