Sliding into first – part two

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After hitting the send button on my last post about how easy it all had been one kid developed sleep problems and the other entered the ‘don’t put me down’ phase.
A week of sleep deprivation and back breaking baby juggling and I have learnt my lesson, thank you very much universe.

We are a few days away from their 1st birthday. The cake has been ordered. The food has been ordered. The t-shirts and streamers and ya da ya da – its all good. We just need to assemble it on Saturday morning.

My mum asked me what were the most surprising things about twins in the first year?

Here is my list (again with the lists!)
1. It’s possible if you lower your expectations. We haven’t been to the museum or the baby movie things that this great city has to offer. Some days, we do nothing but hang out.
2. For me, love is a blossoming flower. I knew I ought to love my kids unreservedly and unconditionally but at the beginning I was shocked NOT to have the thunderbolt of love and affection I’d heard all about.
3. DH has blossomed with the kids. He was awful when they first arrived and now I know why. He was terrified. Petrified would be a better word!
4. It gets better. This is a multiples phrase I think. Everyone I meet whispers the secret to me and smiles a knowing smile. Now I know what they were talking about. As the days pass into the first year these kids are wonderful, glorious and amazing. The depth of love I have for them sometimes frightens me and they are all I could ever want in life.

Guess that sums it up. I have to go now coz I hear noises from their room that don’t belong in there!!

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7 thoughts on “Sliding into first – part two”

  1. It’s really hard the first year but it does get better each year … and by “better” I mean different. I’m sure each mom has a different experience but for me the first year was really difficult and I’m REALLY glad it is over. My twins are about to turn 5. These days almost everything is fun and OHHH so much easier.

    I’m so thankful for all the support from other twin parents … it seemed everywhere I went a total stranger would stop me to tell me that the first year is the hardest … hang in there … so I now pass on the favor and I tell every new multiple mom I see the same thing.

  2. The first few months were HARD. The next few months were a bit better, the next bunch better than that…. Mine are almost 14 months, sleeping all night and napping on schedule. It’s still hard, but manageable.

    We ran into a sleep-deprived man at the store last week who asked when it got better… He had 2 week old twins at home. I’m glad not to be there anymore!

  3. Yes it definitely gets better but also harder on another level. My girls are 3 1/2 and I was recently going through some photo’s of them when they were about 18 months and I thought to myself and I thought that was didficult!” Before 3 it was relatively easy to tell them what, when and how. Now I find their wills are so strong I am simply at a loss somedays. They have really strong personalities and dont take to being told what to do easily. I find it exhausting thinking up ways to convince, placate or compromise with them. But having said that I’d far rather deal with this now than waking up 6 times a night and trying to synchronise nap and feed times!
    Missy recently posted Times Gone ByMy Profile

  4. I was surprised that I didn’t instantly fall in love with my babies. I guess it was the lack of sleep and the constant colicky crying, but it took a bit to see my way through the fog and get to know my new loves.
    bea. recently posted I’m not home…My Profile

  5. I love spending time with our girls. They are 2.5 and they are starting to be able to communicate what they are thinking and feeling. Each new stage brings new joys.

  6. I totally agree with the ‘it gets better,’ and I remember other parents of twins saying that to me. I think what they mean is that, once you get past the frazzled baby stage and you watch your kids learn to play together and love each other and hug and kiss each other, you realize that you’ve watched and helped an amazing relationship develop. While there is still PLENTY hard about raising my girls, and they fight and bite and hit each other every day, it’s balanced out a bit by the incredible joy of watching two beings learn to just enjoy each other’s company.

  7. I also felt that my bond with them grew over time, something I struggled with at first, and blamed it on the NICU time. But now I realise that it’s partly that we are all different. They made me fall in love with them, and still it is only deepening…and that’s wonderful I think.
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