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Me and my boys, stopping back at the NICU 2 years later.

Hey, Everyone! It’s Margie from Double the Giggles again. I’m exhausted from a loooong weekend of celebrating my boys’ 2nd birthday (check my blog for a recap of their Little Men party – complete with mustache decor!), but I wanted to share something with you that seems to be becoming a tradition for us. Today, my post is about giving back to those that gave us so much to be thankful for, exactly 2 years ago.

When my twins were born at 38 weeks, they had some severe complications that the neonatologists had never seen, first hand. Having a negative blood type, I received a Rhogam shot to protect my unborn babies in the event of blood transfer during delivery. Only problem was, the Rhogam shot only works if you have a D-antigen in your blood, which most people have. I was the .000000001 percent that had an undetected E-antigen. The doctors were baffled, both mine and the boys’. The shot did nothing to protect me or my children, and my twins were born with their bodies attacking themselves. After being told by a Neonatologist that we had two VERY sick babies, that they shouldn’t have even made it to 38 weeks, that you shouldn’t have any more children and spending two horrible weeks in the NICU, my babies were cured, sent home and are now beyond happy, healthy two year olds!

Thanks to the AMAZING doctors and nurses in the NICU, we have our Wesley and Andrew, as perfect as ever.

Soooo… every year on their birthday, we give back. Last year, my mom and I went up to the NICU and delivered about 100 cupcakes and handmade baby blankets (made by my mom) for the new babies requiring the TLC of the NICU. This year, the boys got to come along with us. My mom and I headed up to the NICU again with Andrew, and Wesley, and plenty of donuts and coffee for the nurses, doctors and new moms and dads who will be calling the NICU ‘home’ for any number of days. My mom also made about 50 teeny, tiny knitted hats for the newest residents of the NICU. All different sizes and soft baby colors. Some were Extra-Extra Small, and my mom thought they wouldn’t get used. I told her that some little one would make his/her arrival way too soon and I’m sure he or she would love a little handmade cap.

The nurses/doctors were very grateful and were thrilled to see the boys. Some even remembered their stay in the NICU! Of course, who could ever forget that red hair that Wesley was born with! Although the sad emotions always come back whenever I walk through those hospital doors, it felt good to give back a little something to those that gave us so much.
Is there anyone that made an impact on you in the early days of your multiples’ lives? A Doctor? A Nurse? A nanny? A complete stranger? A friend or family member? How did you repay them or thank them?

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Margie is happily married and the proud momma of fraternal, red-headed twins Wesley and Andrew.  She has her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and went from a full-time to part-time federal worker when her boys were born in 2009. Margie is an active member of her local Mothers of Multiples organization and finds that the friendships she's made with other moms of multiples have been a huge support thoughout the "twinsanity" of life.  When she's not completely exhausted, Margie forces herself to go for runs and tries to eat healthy.  She loves Christmas and anything chocolate, and she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, being crafty and snuggling on the couch with her family and 3 dogs.  Margie is the author of Double the Giggles.

3 thoughts on “Giving Back”

  1. Margi, I think that’s wonderful that you do that!! I can only imagine the blessing you’re sharing by giving back. And just wait until your boys are old enough to understand why you do that!
    My twins were worn healthy and we didn’t have to use the NICU service for them but when I was born I stayed in NICU for about 2 weeks after having a life saving surgery at the age of 2 weeks. I have some pictures of that and remember the stories my Mother told me of how she relied on the knowledge and comfort of the doctors and nurses during that time.

  2. There was this one nurse, Michelle, who managed to be there for our family in every way during those first scary NICU days. She was an army brat, and knew how to talk to my husband during a crisis, in a way that I didn’t. She didn’t sugarcoat things, or try to make them more medically exciting than they were, and I appreciated being able to go to her for a balanced understanding of what was happening with our children. She was supportive of my efforts to breastfeed, and I’m pretty sure she helped pull me back from the brink of post-partum depression. Unfortunately, the hospital was closed when the new shiny Dell Children’s Medical Center opened, and I never was able to figure out what happened to Michelle, or thank her for the difference she made. Our daughters were released very suddenly, and I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

  3. What a great way to recognize the people who helped your family so much. Our girls didn’t have to spend any time in the NICU, but I appreciated all the help from the nurses during my hospital stay after my c-section. They were always willing to hold a crying baby when I was feeling overwhelmed.

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