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We’ve decided to have another theme week. With the costs of back-to-school and the upcoming holiday costs, we thought that you’d appreciate a  week all of posts focusing on saving money with multiples.  You can look forward to posts about saving money on diapers, saving money when shopping and saving money on activities.  If you have any money saving tips to share, post them in the comments here.  I’ll do wrap up post at the end of the week to bring all the posts together on one page.  I hope you are enjoying our theme weeks. Please email me hdydiblog AT gmail DOT com if you have themes you’d like to see us feature.

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One thought on “Saving Money with Multiples Theme Week”

  1. Diapering twins with cloth may seem like a daunting and crazy task, but in my experience and I still have twin boys in diapers at 3, its not so bad, and the savings are huge. We are by no means hard core about it. We use cloth at home only, so no dragging around dirty wet cloth diapers. At night they are in disposables too, so all in all we are probably half disposable and half cloth. The cloth diaper ratio was much higher when they were little and we were more house bound. Its not hard to do the math that over the course of 3 years x 2 kids, we have saved at least a thousand dollars in diapers. You are doing laundry constantly with two little ones running around, so really what’s another load? We just couldn’t send bags of garbage full of diapers to the dump when there is such a easy solution. You can do it.

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