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I’m always puzzled as to how to introduce my twins. I already consciously say “These are my twins…” because I try to head off that ever annoying question “are they twins?” but I’m always torn with which order to introduce them. Growing up my parents always introduced us in age order, oldest to youngest, and that made sense to me. Yes, I know one of my children was technically born first but only by a minute. Should that minute make such a difference? Then we could get into the gender issue but I’m not sure I’m clear on that. Should it be ladies first or like when you meet a couple it is usually the guy first?

Most of the time I end up saying “David and Elizabeth” because I like the way it flows better. Just when I think I’m comfortable with that order, then I have to sign a greeting card and I run into the same issue. I try to be random in the order I list them hoping that it works out to half the time naming Elizabeth first and the other half naming David first. I’m not sure I have even come close to making it 50/50.

Which order do you introduce your twins or sign their names on greeting cards? How did you decide that was going to be the order?

Meredith is a mother of b/g twins, age 17 months old.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Your Twins”

  1. I always mix it up. I’m very deliberate about it so that each has a turn to be “first.” Also, as your twins get older, you’ll get way less of the “are they twins?” questions, so you’ll be free to just introduce them as your kids.

  2. My boys are only 7 weeks old, but we have already had this issue! I know they have no idea whose name I am saying first because they don’t even know their names yet, but I know. I try really hard to say each one’s name first 50% of the time, but I am sure I have not equally split who goes first. I am sure as they get older this will be even harder because they will be aware of who’s name is said first.

  3. I always sign cards in birth order…unless it’s a picture card and Baby B happens to be on the left. I do try to switch up how I introduce the girls, though. Birth order is always my gut call, but I don’t necessarily want to subconsciously reinforce that. Great question!

  4. I always change it up. At first I was conscious about it, now it’s more natural. Same with when I write about them. It’s not always one first and then the other, but it’s no big deal anymore because both ways flow for me now.

  5. I typically use birth order when signing their names. When I’m introducing them, its whoever is in front and hasn’t run off (!) that gets the first intro.

  6. I don’t always sign the twins in the same order, but I have no method to my madness. But their little sister is always after them. Sometimes I put mine and my husband’s names before the kids, sometimes after. I like to mix it up.

  7. I have all boys, but I normally always say their names in birth order starting with the oldest (the singleton.) If he isn’t around and we are just talking about the twins, I will normally still stay birth order, but if they are running around, I have to see which is which before I can introduce them!

  8. wehn i sighn ther names to greet ing cards i usilly sign annie and abbie for close friends or family and for things i need to sign full names to i think anistacia and abigail-rose sounds much better. introducung them is another thing befor thay started talking i introduced them by birth order abbie is 5 minutes older then annie so its usilly thees are my younger girls abbie and annie

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