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Judging by the comments on my last post, I am not alone in my struggle for balance between giving my kids a good life and the limits of my own two hands. We really do, as a family, try to live life and do things together. Since starting preschool at home in August, we certainly have done a lot more outings and really seen great responses from my boys. Recently we learned about apples and went as a family to a local apple orchard where my toddlers picked apples then helped make pies. The weather was beautiful, the day was perfect, I literally took hundreds of photos. It was a day I wanted to remember.

We all know that not every day is picture perfect, blue skies, happy kids, family togetherness. At the beginning of this year I began a project to take a photo a day and post it to our website. While the so-called 365 Photo Project is not my idea, nor even a new idea, it was new to me. I took lots of photos of my kids before, but this year I have made it a part of our days. My “good camera” used to only come out for special occasions like the apple orchard, now I leave it in the living room so I am always ready. So far this year I have captured one boy’s first steps, a first haircut, family vacation moments, other goofy milestones, and more. But I have also captured spontaneous brotherly hugs, candid interactions with the dog, smiles, tears and many other moments that make our lives amazing. I highly suggest doing the photo-a-day thing if you want to capture the more mundane, daily things that are also worth remembering, and if you want to be better with your photography. Exercising that photography muscle every day will really strengthen your images.

I wrote at length about safeguarding these memories on my own website, so I won’t rehash it all here, the nutshell version is back up your stuff. Back it up in as many places as possible. Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Off-site storage. I worked in a technology job for more than a decade and I can tell you I have seen the worst side of technology. This is not an idea unique to moms of multiples, everyone should back up. But since we know how fast it all goes (That first year? Total Blur.) and how difficult it can be to get out and do things, it is worth saving. I love my photos. I love looking through old ones. I have some printed on canvas on my wall, even my iPhone case has a photo of my kids. But if my kids are to be able to enjoy them and share with their kids, I need to make backup as much of a habit as taking a photo every day.

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2 thoughts on “Capturing Little Moments”

  1. What good timing. I just finished sorting and organizing our photo prints from the past 23m of our twins lives. It was a walk down memory lane to the day they were born. We do prints and photobooks. We just started giving the boys their own pictures.

    We keep the “chee chee chine” (say cheese machine = camera) easily accessible. I try to take pictures every few days. I found taking one daily was too forced. I was setting up experiences instead of capturing moments.

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