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I am writing this post for my brother who is expecting twins in the spring. The first trimester is finally over and everything is going well. One of the things I wanted to help him with, and I’m sure many other expecting and new parents of twins want to know, is what gear do you need two of, what can you get away with one of and what do you need differently. I found that when it came to gear there was very little I needed two of. 

Yes, I needed two carseats, two cribs and two highchairs. I had b/g twins so I needed two sets of clothes. I also have two booster seats now that they are getting into the toddling years.

I still only needed one dresser, one changing table, one diaper pail and one rocker. I almost never got two of the same toy (so they had more variety instead). I still only had one diaper bag (just a really well organized one).

When it comes to the stroller though, I actually found that I needed one double stroller and one single (cheap) stroller. I did the single stroller for when I was running errands and only taking one baby in tow (made things a lot easier for me).

I had two bouncers but I wish I would have had one bouncer and one swing. I had two exersaucers but I wish I had one exersaucer and one walker.

What items did you find you needed two of, could get away with one of, or just needed something different?

Meredith is the Twin Momma of 18 month b/g twins.

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17 thoughts on “Double the Gear?”

  1. We had 2 bouncers and 1 swing in the beginning. . .but we ended up buying another swing and hardly ever used both bouncers. So I would agree with you, one of each until you get those kiddos home. Then you can figure out if you need a second of something. I also wished that the two bouncers were different, because one of them liked it and the other didn’t, but she did like the one at her sitters. It is so easy to get into the matchy-matchy thing, but in reality it really doesn’t matter!

    We have one of most toys too, and we eventually had to get another dresser, but one was enough for over a year. If bottle feeding, you may need two bottle warmers, since they don’t work back-to-back. I bf, but did supplement for a few weeks and it was really annoying trying to warm two bottles in hot water. I just wanted to stick it in the warmer and be done with it!

  2. I would also recommend two baby carriers or wraps for when a stroller is inconvenient, lots of good swaddle blankets (we loved Aden and Adnais) and footie pj’s, and two boppy’s (too many uses to list them all!).

  3. We actually bought 4 swings, two for home and two for my inlaws house since we’re over there weekly.

    So far we’ve done well with one crib, they’re four months now and I feel like we can get a few more months before we have to spring for another.

    We have two double strollers. One Double Snap n Go, which I use when I know its a quick trip, or like a doctors office where doors and halls are narrow, and then a double jogging stroller which I can navigate a whole lot easier.

    I have two girls, but I dress them one in pink only and one in everything not pink so it’s easier for family to tell them apart. I now wish I hadnt done that, because I always have to pack them separate outfits. It’s not a big deal if they wear their twins outfits, but then I’ll have a surplus of clean clothes for one girl and not the other. Someone from church is having b/g twins, so I might get them gender neutral clothing so they can share clothes.

  4. We skipped the high chairs and just did 2 booster seats (with trays for when they were small). Saves money and space and great for taking on the go. We had 2 bouncers and 1 swing and that worked well for us. Only had one exersaucer, but ended up borrowing another. That came in handy for a few months when they both wanted to be in there, then it was nice when we could keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

  5. We have 2 single umbrella strollers that we can hook together with a kit we bought at Babies R Us. This works better for us now that our Graco Duo Glider. To get the girls into stores/daycare by myself I use one single and carry the other girl. When going out to the zoo, we like having the option of having a single or double stroller. The double’s great for when just one of us is pushing the girls – the singles allow us to get around easier and avoid some of the twin infatuation from strangers.

  6. We had/have: 2 (different) bouncers, 1 swing, 1 exersaucer, 1 jumparoo, 3 double strollers (a snap’n’go, a jogger and a regular tandem), 1 single stroller (we’ll be getting another soon and the aforementioned attachers), 2 cribs, 2 carseats, 2 boppys, 2 booster/high chairs and most of our toys we just have one of. The great thing about having 2 cribs right from the start was that we set up one in our room and one in their room. Made all kinds of napping/sleeping arrangements SO much easier.

  7. We did do 2 changing tables, and 2 diaper champs – we kept a station on each floor. 2 boppies were crucial for me to bottle-feed both at once by myself. We loved the double snap-n-go stroller! Hmm..2 cribs, 2 bjorns, 2 high chairs, one swing, one bouncer, one exersaucer. Ooh, 2 chairs in the nursery so we could feed them together!

  8. I think it helps to know how much help you’ll have. Since I knew that my husband was headed to Iraq, we didn’t bother with the single stroller. There wasn’t going to be any opportunity for us to do anything with just one baby.

    I ended up loving my Baby Bjorn-like carrier. I could carry one baby on me hands-free, and put the other in her infant carrier in the shopping cart to go grocery shopping.

    We didn’t use our second crib for anything other than blanket storage for a good 7 months.

    Being a breastfeeding mom with a full-time career, a (just one!) good breast pump was a must. I had two coolers, but only because of the quantity of milk I had to transport. I did keep extra ice packs around in case they needed washing and I didn’t have time.

    Oh, I also had two (sometimes three!) dishwasher baskets for bottle parts. The sanitizing cycle made life manageable!

  9. I had 1 swing and 1 bouncer,
    1 exersaucer and 1 jumperoo,
    2 high chairs (now 2 boosters),
    2 pack and plays (we used one with bassinet when they were infants, then one in our bedroom one in living room for a few more months, then one in the basement one in the living room till they were able to climb out)
    2 cribs (though many of my twin mom friends went with one)
    2 dressers (so that when we separate b/g twins they each have one to go with their beds)
    2 car seats
    1 Double snap n go, 1 Baby trend sit and stand (still using), baby trend double jogger and 2 Combi single strollers- at first I wasnt sure about 2 single strollers, but I’ve used them more than I thought even when they were infants. They take up less space when traveling and you can get a connector kit for about $10
    I had 2 sets of parts for my breast pump
    Good Luck to your brother!

  10. I bought everything consignment so nothing matched, but it was very affordable. And then I resold it when I was done.

    I had 2 swings, 2 bouncers, and 2 saucers or jumpers, and I’m glad I did. We used them ALL the time! It’s fun to have them NOT matching so that there’s more variety. You don’t need all of that gear in your house at the same time. Babies only need swings and bouncers at first. By the time you need a saucer/jumper, you can get rid of the swings. And by the time you need high chairs/booster seats, you can get rid of the bouncer seats.

    We used the bouncers for feeding them cereal until they were old enough to sit in booster seats with trays. We never did high chairs. Instead of using a boppy for bottle feeding both babies I used my snoogle maternity pillow that has a curve on each end. I never used bottle warmers for formula. My babies were fine with drinking room-temperature water. Once they got a little older (4 months or so), they liked it cold. I have a changing table, but never use it. I find that it’s much easier and safer to change the babies on the floor with a changing pad. We have a basket with diapers, wipes, and a pad on every floor. Very convenient and doesn’t take much space or money.

  11. Hmm, it’s been awhile! We had 2 car seats, 2 bouncy chairs, 1 (hand-me-down) swing that was rarely used, 2 kitchen chair booster seats (with trays for the first year or so). We had 1 pack ‘n play (mostly for separating one out for naps), 1 Peg Perego twin (side x side) stroller, and 1 dresser, which was just high enough to serve as a changing table as well. They shared a crib for the first four months, so we didn’t get the 2nd crib set up for quite awhile, although we purchased them at the same time to get the twin discount from BRU. We got a BOB Dualie jogging stroller (on sale) at about 6 months and used that one exclusively after that. That Bob stroller was worth every single penny we paid for it!! It might be worth noting that we live in a small, single-story house where space is at a premium.

    Looking back, the one thing I would definitely have done differently was skip the Peg Perego twin stroller in favor of a double snap ‘n go stroller so that I could have run more errands while the very young babies were sleeping. I think that would have gotten me out of the house sooner, and that might have really, really helped alleviate that sense of isolation that twin moms @ home can really suffer. Also, we never used the bottle warmer or the wipe warmer that we got as shower gifts; they just never seemed necessary.

    Also, everybody got us lots of cute clothes at the shower, and we honestly didn’t use that many of them because so many were impractical. 7-10 onesies (long or short sleeved and w/ pants or w/o depending on your weather) per child was all we used for the first four months or so. You’re changing diapers and outfits so often throughout the day, and you’re just so tired, that you really want to keep it simple. Of course, you do want one really cute outfit per child for regular photos.

    Hope that helps and congrats to your brother!

  12. We still separate our (now 2-year old) twins for naps, so I highly recommend getting a pack and play to put in a guest room or master bedroom. Two bouncy seats are nice to have if you live in a 2-story house. Two boppy pillows were also essential.

  13. Our must have was (and still is) a double stroller. I have a Bumbleride double, and it was the best “twin” money I have spent. It freaked me out to spend that much on a stroller, but we literally use it everyday and it is always loaded in the vehicle.

    It allowed me to get out of the house and the girls are so happy riding around in it.

    As for other gear… other than high chairs, cribs, boppies, and carseats, we only had one of everything else and it was enough to keep them happy.

  14. We used the double snap and go which worked well. When they outgrew that, we got a BOB Dualie stroller and it was worth every cent. I breastfed exclusively so I had a nursing pillow (which I can’t remember the name of now) designed for twins that worked beautifully. The only other thing that I felt was a must have is an Ergo. It has made shopping so much easier! I can strap one of my 2.5 year olds on my back and put one in the shopping carriage.

  15. my girls are now two years old we had(back befor our toddler beds)two pottery barn cribs we got from my sister one changing tabel wich was a dresser with a changing pad on top that can esyly be converted into a normal dresser in later years
    a upolsterd chair 1 of most toy a twin stroller
    a diper bag a feeding pillow and two babyfood mackers(one of those shower gift mix ups)we had 2 of most things and i am glad

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