A Week of Giving Thanks

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Since (American) Thanksgiving is celebrated this week, I thought it would be a good time to have a theme week celebrating the blessings that come with having multiples. Please share your blessings with us this week, too.

I know many bloggers are writing about what they are thankful for this month, so I’m offering you the first part of my list of 30 Blessing I’ve Received From My Twins

  1. Two lovely daughters
  2. Lots of kisses and cuddles for me
  3. Watching how my 2.5 year old daughters care about and look out for each other
  4. A constant reminder to be aware of what makes each person unique
  5. The opportunity to reflect on my parenting decisions and how they reflect my values
  6. Becoming part of a community of parents of multiples online and in person
  7. Plenty of requests for reading stories
  8. Seeing how easily children adapt to multiples.  They are way less concerned about how they were conceived, or which ones is older than their parents.
  9. Lessons in patience and perspective
  10. Only having to narrow our name choices down to the top two
  11. Lots of helpers in the kitchen
  12. A constant reminder to look at people when I talk to them
  13. A son who enjoys “the sister” and “the other sister” even though he can’t tell them apart.  He wants to have 2 more baby sisters (but I think we’ve got our hands full).
  14. Opportunities to be an advocate for my children and to demonstrate through my actions that their uniqueness as individuals and as multiples is important
  15. Lots of great stories to share
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One thought on “A Week of Giving Thanks”

  1. This evening I peeked in and saw my rough and tumble 6 year old son playing ring around the rosy with my 2 year old twin daughters. He was so careful and they just love when big brother plays with them. It was one of those moments where you sort of tear up. :)

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