The Great Bed Transfer

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When my identical twin boys were born, we brought them home to sleep in cute little bassinets. Our three bedroom home had no room for cribs and they were happy and content.

{I still can’t believe they both fit in one!}
After a few months we moved them each into their own playpen because they had more room and they weren’t able to keep the other awake with their movements. (Sounds never have been a problem for each other.)
We moved to a new home when the boys were 5 months and although they were growing rapidly we kept them in their playpens because we figured time would go fast and there was no point in purchasing cribs when we already have toddler beds waiting for them. If they were anything like our other three children, they would be transferring to those at a pretty young age.
The problem with this plan is that I cannot imagine two toddlers having free reign of their room at night. It is crucial that these little boys stay restrained for as long as possible.
Our plan also became flawed when the boys began thrashing their heavy strong bodies against the playpen to break both of them! They would also pull at the playpen bottoms and throw them out, leaving their bodies to find comfort against the hard, metal railings. This began becoming a common occurance and I was heading into their rooms several times a night to fix their beds. Then they stopped napping………something needed to happen!
Three months ago, when the boys were 16 months, we finally decided to purchase two new cribs. They love them. They are sleeping better and my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!
I quiver at the thought of moving these two active boys into toddler beds.
What age were your twins when you transferred them?
Any tips to make the transfer easier?
{Ashley is a homeschooling Mom to 5 kids ages 6 and under.  Her days are busy, chaotic and loads of fun!}

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16 thoughts on “The Great Bed Transfer”

  1. My boys stayed in their cribs until they were about 3 1/2. I dreaded switching them to toddler beds, knowing that mayhem would happen (and it did, for a while). And naps would disappear or change (which they did). Moms of multiples generally advise to KEEP them in their cribs as long as humanly possible. After switching to beds, be prepared for them to test the limits. And depending on the kids, you may need to be ready for them to shorten or give up their regular nap altogether, UNLESS you can split them up for naptime into separate rooms (or can enforce “quiet time” which I could never do). Good luck, it can be done, but don’t do it sooner than you must.

  2. No advice, but I’m glad to see not starting out in a crib can work well. I’m pregnant with a second surprise set of twins and my current plan is just start them out in rock ‘n plays and then move to cribs when they are older. Allowing me to preserve a guest bedroom a fair bit longer as the rock ‘n plays and babies can fit in a bonus room…

  3. We did toddler beds once my boy was climbing out…at 2 maybe? This was after he ripped thru the crib tent, twice.

    It was tough for a while, I won’t sugar coat it. We eventually (6 mos later) gave them their own room & full sized beds and have been forever grateful we had the room bc omg what a difference. The boy is a quick but light sleeper, the girl takes forever to fall asleep but then is a rock. Separating them lets them each sleep how they want. They both still nap, the boy ~ 1hr and the girl 3+ hrs.

  4. I moved the boys into toddler beds about 3 months before their 3rd birthday.
    I’ve never had a problem with them getting up at night. Naps don’t work anymore though too much like playtime.

  5. We did the transfer in November. B/G twins in the same room at 3 yo. we went from cribs to twin mattresses on the floor. The at Christmas they got big kid beds (a real twin bed). They have done great so far. No rails or anything. We do have a Stop light alarm clock that is red before 6:30 and green after so they know when they are allowed out of bed. (we started that when they were still in cribs) They still call me in the morning to get them out of bed, even though they can just get out themselves.

  6. We moved our boys into the bottom bunk (full size) at 2 years, when we were thinking we’d need a crib for baby sis. She ended up staying in the pack n’ play a lot longer. The boys did great moving from cribs to bed. We had actually taken the sides off of their cribs about a month before that. It took about a week of training them to stay in bed until we came to get them. At almost 5 years old, they still nap a lot of days (one on top bunk, one on bottom–to minimize talking/playing) and share top bunk at night. They sleep great and rarely get out of bed.

  7. Mine are 16 months and they won’t sleep in pack-n-plays anymore either. They have always slept in cribs except when we travel (about once a month) and they love their cribs so much. As was suggested above- we are planning to keep them in their cribs as long as possible. I’m thinking age 3+. I would actually buy another crib if we were to have another baby. We have already purchased the crib tents in preparation because our two are climbers. I don’t have any thoughts on the toddler bed transition except- put it off, put it off!

  8. My girls are three and I plan on keeping them in their cribs until 3 and a half or four. They sleep well in them and nap and generally the only time they stay out of trouble is when they are in their cribs with tents. I don’t want to mess with that anytime soon!!!

  9. We moved M and J to beds at around 2. The only real challenge we faced was middle-of-the-night fashion shows involving every one of their shoes. We resolved that issue by moving their shoes to an inaccessible location. Yes, we were lucky!

  10. In retrospect, 2 sounded crazy early, so I checked our photographs. Big Girl Bed Day was August 17, 2008. Our girls were 2 years, 3 months old.

  11. My girls are 3 years, 2 months, and still in cribs!

    I’m so scared that once we go to toddler beds, they’ll never nap again (and BOY do they need it!) (Unfortunately, we don’t have room for them to sleep in separate rooms)

  12. My boys are 3 yrs 3 mos and I am keeping them in cribs as long as possible! The one who will climb out is in a tent that has been repaired a few times. The holes came from his brother, so when we moved the cribs apart, the holes stopped.

    Wish we had the option of separate rooms, but unfortunately, we don’t, so once the cribs are gone, naptime will be finished here, too.

  13. Our twins were in mini-cribs until about 20-22 months. We shifted to twin beds fairly early because my son kept climbing out of his crib. We used bumpers or rolled up towels under the fitted sheet and honestly haven’t had a lot of trouble. In the beginning, they got out of bed a lot or climbed into the other one’s bed, but after a couple of weeks they settled down.

  14. We kept our twin girls in one crib for the first few months. Then we switched them to their own crib but in the same room. We then decided to use sleep sacs. I highly reccomend that as my girls could never get out of their cribs and stayed in them until they were at least 3 and potty trained. Once we potty trained our girls we took the side rails off and said bye bye to sleep sacs. Then at night they could go pee if they needed too (with some help of course at the beginning.) Good luck and it all depends on your twins and if they are climbers or not. My son who is almost three and potty trained (daytime only so far) is still in his sleep sac and not climbing out of his crib. However we will take his siderail off soon so he can go pee at night and in the morning. So, we will also need to say bye to the sleepsac too. We are 3 for 3 so far. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  15. @Twinmama2aj
    I have used sleep sacs on my little ones when they are young but not when they are older. I’ve thought about using them as it is cold right now! -25!
    Do you have a particular type that you use or did you make them?

  16. Sleep sacs were great, until my b/g twins outgrew the largest size I could find at 13mo! And that was stretching it, they pretty much had to sleep in the fetal position at that point. They are giant babies-v.tall! They are weeks away from their 2nd bday, and I am seriously thinking about the sleep-tents–at least for my climber-boy!

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