Pure Love

My 6-year-old daughter, J, had something important to tell me on our drive to school last week.

Mommy, M is the importantest person in my life. I love you and Daddy and Grammy and Grampy, but I love Sissy the most. If she died I would be so sad. I don’t want her to ever get cancer and die. (Note: Two close friends lost their dogs to cancer in the last year, and it hit J hard.) She is the importantest person because I love her and she is funny and we play together and we were born together. I never want to be away from her and I love her.

I used to wonder if my daughters knew what an exceptional gift it was to have a twin sister. Now I know.

Sadia is a single mother of 6-year-old monozygotic twins, J and M. She lives and works as an IT professional in the Austin, TX area.

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