A preterm MoM intro

With the new year upon us I thought I’d take on a new blogging opportunity. Let me introduce myself. My name is Carolyn and I am a mom to fraternal b/b twins, living, parenting and working in Ontario, Canada.

My twins are 2.5 years old and are spunky little men, with great personalities of their own. My guys are little for their age due to arriving at 27 weeks and challenging their parents from day one! They are amazing fighters and have come so far!

Canada offers mothers maternity and parental leave if they’ve been working enough hours leading up to the arrival of their child (ren.) I was lucky to be one of those people. I actually took 16 months off to be with my babies. The times were tough, but we made it through. There was definitely a lot of frustration and tears for everyone involved, but these little men taught us much about perseverance and developed our ability to kick adversity in the b-u-t-t time and time again.

I have been writing a personal blog coming up on 2 years about the ups and downs of my family. You can find my blog at http://twintrospectives.blogspot.ca. We also have an older boy, born at 31 weeks, who the twins love and learn so much from. These 3 boys have been our family’s inspiration.

I usually blog on the topic of prematurity and what might come afterward for others and what has evolved for my family in particular. The experience of preterm birth has given me a positive outlook on life, which might sound weird, given the fact preterm birth is the scariest thing most who go through it will ever experience. I figure if I can get through such an uncertain time, along with my family members, then there isn’t really anything else we can’t figure out. This is what I hope to be able to teach my children as I mother them and watch them grow during their childhood.

Aside from helping my own children along the way, my greatest passion is assisting new families going through the preterm birth experience, one step at a time. I have found my way into my local Multiple Births Canada (MBC) chapter, now working as a peer health worker (outreach worker,) as well as I’ve  just taken on a co-chair role in the development of MBC’s Preterm Birth Support Network.

In 4 short years my amazing little preemie men have taught me so much about life and I hope to be able to share some of what they have been teaching me with the How Do You Do It community.

4 thoughts on “A preterm MoM intro

  1. I definitely find that I feel a special kinship to parents of preemies, at least as strong as with other parents of multiples. Our neighbour two doors down is 8 years old, spunky and tall and funny and energetic. I don’t think anyone would guess that she or my girls (now 6) were preemies, and yet her mom and I find so much of the preemie mom experience to bond over even this many years after giving birth.

  2. I agree with you both. I also feel a kinship with parents of preemies. There is an understanding. It is inspiring to see you so involved with helping parents of premature babies now!

  3. I have lots of admiration for you ladies. I can’t imagine what it’s been like to see your little ones struggle and survive from the beginning. I don’t know how I would’ve managed if my kids were born prematurely … I worked in NICU for 3 months before realizing that it caused too much heart ache for me … now I’m in the adult ICU .. a much better fit ;) …Carolyn, I think it’s wonderful that you’re so involved in supporting other moms going through that. If I ever was in that kind of situation I’d love to have someone who’s been there before me and made it through it!

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