Who’s Older?

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“Who’s older?” Is it just me, or does anyone else want to roll their eyes when they hear this question? Or what about, “Oh, she must be older, she’s so much bigger…”

I am a believer in the idea that birth order factors into one’s personality. And I know that being a twin does, too. What I don’t necessarily believe is that birth order among multiples is very telling. To be honest with you, even though I know my daughter is technically older, I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head how many minutes apart they are. I think only two minutes. Could those extra two minutes before the doctor plucked my son from my womb really amount to much?

What about 87 days? Yes, you read that correctly. An Irish mother gave birth to twin girls 87 days apart, possibly setting the Guinness world record! Maria Jones-Elliott’s water broke before she reached 24 weeks, and her first daughter was born. Maria’s contractions stopped, and even after being induced the next day, the second baby wasn’t making any moves to come out. Her second twin was born at 36 weeks!

There was also a case of triplets where the first one was born eight days earlier than her brother and sister.

Can you imagine the suspense of being ‘on hold’ for eight days? Eighty-seven days?

How far apart are your multiples?

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7 thoughts on “Who’s Older?”

  1. My kids are one minute apart, but as fraternals they could be, I think, a couple of weeks apart gestationally. My C-section was delayed by 4 hours and I lost it. I can only imagine what I’d do with 87 days!

  2. Our girls are two minutes apart, and it just so happens that Baby A is the taller one. Her sister thinks that’s why she is shorter, because she’s younger. HA!

    The “Who’s older?” question doesn’t bother me so much in itself….I think people are just trying to make conversation, and that’s definitely something “neat” about being a twin…but I hate the characterizations that sometimes follow, like, “Oh, I thought she looked like the boss.” What??? 😉

  3. My boys are 5 hours apart- and they LOVE to call themselves “big/older brother” and “little/younger brother- it cracks me up every time!! I didn’t think the 5 hours between them was that rough (despite pushing the whole time to try to avoid a C section for the second little guy)- but I can’t even imagine 8 days (or more)!!

  4. My identical daughters are just 1 minute apart! Docs struggled a little bit to take M1 out since she was a big baby. Once she was out, it was so easy for M2 to get out:) I also used to get ‘who’s older’ question from many people. Its weird when grown-ups ask that, I think who’s older question is not so relevant in twins cases. However the cutest expression comes from other kids. Some kids know about twins; but some of them usually don’t understand what twins means and how could two kids look alike. So if I smile at them and answer to their question ‘who’s older’ as ‘1 minute’ they are just blown out, their eyebrows raised, their mouth wide open and ask their parents how could that happen. I can understand that because they are usually used to age differences in terms of years 1yr, 2yr, 4yrs…Because of all these reactions, the question ‘who’s older’ about twins have become very special, strange and confusing all at the same time.

  5. My guys are 1 minute apart and baby B is bigger than A. It does not bother me at all when people ask. I think it is nice and kind of funny that they would even care. We often refer to A and B as “older and younger” brother to be funny. I like to think they will be intelligent enough to know that they are both the same age and they can joke about the 1 minute difference in their births.

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