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Some posts that got me thinking this week are:

The 1, 2, 3 Blog: Friendship Friday – What Do Your Kids call Your Friends?

Marcia is the mother of boy/girl twins C and K, who are 4 years old. (Wait. How are they 4? I’ve been reading Marcia’s blog since they were infants and I can’t quite wrap my head around them being 4.) Marcia lives in South Africa and is an organization guru. She recently visited the US and got a kick out of the Southern habit, which my own daughters have adopted, of referring to adults as Miss or Mr. First Name. I’m Miss Sadia to most of my friends’ children and to my children’s friends. There’s the occasional kid who tries to call me Mrs. R, and I tell them I’m Ms R, but prefer Miss Sadia. But I digress. The point is that Marcia’s post and the ensuing comments on the richness of options for children to use to address adults was thought-provoking and interesting.

Twice the Love… Half the Sleep: Why Eleanor Roosevelt Beats Selena Gomez

Amanda is the brain and muscle behind Multiples and More and the mother of girl/boy twins Jillian and Aaron. Her post was a reminder to those of us raising girls to present them with the role models we wish for them, people who model integrity, intelligence and resilience, not just physical beauty and youth. Honestly, I think her point is well-targeted at parents of boys, too, not just to encourage them to respect strong women, but to become strong men. It’s not always easy. Disney princesses are far easier to want to learn about than Mother Teresa, but it’s a parent’s job to teach their kids about the Sally Rides, Janet Napolitanos and Condoleezza Rices of the world.

Davis Family Chronicles: Finding Flaws in Your Children

Tanika is a working wife and mom of twins (Cary and Dean) plus one (Clair). In this post, she acknowledges her children’s flaws, not in a hurtful or exasperated way, but with the intent to help her children improve on them. As any parent will, she wonders out loud whether there was something she or her husband did to cause these flaws, but I say to her, “No. Your job as mom is to give your kids the tools they need to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.” Her post is a well-written reminder that our job is not only to love and accept our children, but also to help them, with love and acceptance, be the best that they can be… even if it means looking at difficult truths and acknowledging the personality traits we plain don’t like.

Multiple Momstrosity: Hot Legs

Our very own SaraBeth wrote about how her cat’s recent medical woes turned her household on her head. First, I want to say that I’m sad to hear about kitty’s amputation, but glad that his condition was treatable. I just appreciated hearing that I’m not the only one who sometimes gets overwhelmed by all that life throws at me. I’ve been dealing with my own set of cat issues, and the household has suffered for it, although we’re clambering back to normalcy and balance. I think that the shortcuts she had to take while Mr. Kitty was running the show weren’t all negative. SaraBeth was showing her kids how to prioritize and that, sometimes, family just comes first. Yes, even if the family member is non-human.

Laura’s Mommy Journal: Can You Guess Which Kind We Are?

LauraC, a founding author right here at HDYDI, is my Oracle of Mommyhood. She’s a thoughtful parent with a wonderfully objective perspective, an enormous heart, a crazy number of talents, a fabulous husband and co-parent, and two amazing little boys. Did I mention that she’s an extraordinary photographer? And working mom? I think I have a mommy crush. Her post is about why she is the kind of mom who lets her 7-year-olds, Alex and Nate, choose their own clothes. I do the same thing and for the same reasons. I found myself thinking about Laura’s post this weekend when I went bra shopping. M insisted on picking out colours for me. I tend towards blacks and beiges, and she pointed me to fuschias and electric blues. Hey, if my kid wants to dress me too, why not?!

Do you have any other recent standout post recommendations from the MoMmysphere I should check out?

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