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Do They Have Salsa in China?: How Do You Prefer to Read?

TubaDad and M3 have adorable twin daughters Ro and Ree. In this post, we get to see in pictures how they get comfy to read. The second photo cracks me up and reminds me of me. My most comfortable reading position as a kid was what I called, “sitting on the wall.” I’d lie on my back on my bed, legs straight up the wall, holding my book directly above my face.

Trousdell Five: Bedding Down

In this post, Tracey honours her 3-year-old sons’ transition to big kid (twin) beds with a look back on the sleeping arrangements they’ve had. She started with their NICU isolettes, which left me with a lump in my throat. You’ll soon see that that lump is something of a theme for the week. My girls have gone through all the same sleep arrangements as Asher and Nolan. They’ve gone onto separate lofted beds only to have started sleeping together in one of those beds during the past few weeks.

Genie in a Blog: Check Your Skin, Part the Second

Several people I love have had skin cancer scares in the past several years. Just read this post, please.

Go Blog Yourself: Roll Away the Dew

I mentioned in last week’s Monday MoM Blog Picks comments how little Tuesday‘s journey with cancer had affected me. Her mom happened to post a new entry this week. Piper and Tuesday are identical twins. Tuesday succumbed to neuroblastoma several years ago now. Her mom Jessica’s words didn’t just leave me with a lump in my throat. “Over Tuesday’s and Piper’s birthday, where only Piper will get to turn 7…” I was full out bawling.  If that doesn’t make you rush to tell your children you love them, nothing will.

The Great Umbrella Heist: A Journey with Spina Bifida

Sarah writes about raising her identical triplet daughters with honesty and insight. In this post, she tells us a little about what spina bifida means for her daughter Anna. I can honestly say that I know very little about what the actual effects of spina bifida are. I just know that the folic acid supplements I took before and during my pregnancy were intended to reduce the risk of my children having this condition. Anna is obviously an energetic, happy, positive little girl, but Sarah shows us a little about what her condition means for her. She also reminds me that I don’t walk in other parents’ shoes and have no idea what life is like in their families, just as she doesn’t know about life in mine.

Thinking of Starting a Blog: Remembering

Alison is the mom of twins plus one. Her daughter Ashlea, one of the twins, deals with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy. In this post, Alison takes a trip to the NICU where her no longer tiny girls fought for their lives. She talks about the sense of knowing and connection that we NICU moms have, even years later. For those you who are NICU veterans, have you ever smelled something that brings back the smell of NICU soap and thrusts you back into the memories of those early days? Me too.

I’m looking at this list and wondering why I’m in such a down mood. These aren’t downer posts, though. They’re posts of survival and resilience and honesty. These moms talk about their lives as they know them. They acknowledge that the challenges they face aren’t common, but they live them with grace and take the opportunity to help us be a little more compassionate.

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