Foodie Friday: Twin- or Triplet-Themed Party Foods for a Twin or Triplet Birthday

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Children’s birthday parties are always special. You get to celebrate another year of your little one growing into a special and beautiful person – and you get to do it with fun cake, party themes and favors. When you are the parent of twins or triplets, you get to double or triple that fun!

Planning a birthday party for twins and triplets offers so many possibilities. However, the food is often the main event, with most guests congregating around the food table and the selections helping to set the tone and the theme. Here are a few fun ideas for twin- and triplet-themed party foods for a twin or triplet birthday party:

Peas in a Pod

Photo Credit: Sadia
Photo Credit: Sadia

You probably already get the joke about your little ones. Go ahead and make it an inside joke for your party! Serve actual peas in the pod or a side dish of peas for the main course with a little illustrated card showing the joke. You could have one or two baby heads with little pea caps for hats. If you like to bake, you could also create cupcakes or an actual cake with little peas in pods in frosting.

“Pear”ed Food

Photo Credit: Hailey E Herrera Art Journey

If you have twins, you can play off the theme with pears – as in a “great pair.” You can serve pears themselves, or you can include pears in salad, dips or desserts. Of course, as always, cakes and cupcakes are always a great canvas for any design you want to include, such as pears.

Bunched Food

Photo Credit: Vainsang
Photo Credit: Vainsang

For families with triplets, you can highlight your larger bunch with “bunched” food, such as carrots or grapes. Again, you can serve these on their own or include them in recipes that you serve, such as a carrot soup or a grape dip. Make sure you highlight the theme in illustrated signage so that guests can be in on the joke.

Noah’s Ark

Photo Credit: Satorare
Photo Credit: Satorare

Twins always inspire comparisons to Noah’s ark. You can use this theme for your party food for a twin birthday by including pairs of everything you make. You can also use this theme to offer foods that you think the animals on board would have eaten, such as bananas for the monkeys, circus peanuts for the elephants, and apples for the horses.

“Full House” Theme

Photo Credit: erin leigh mcconnell
Photo Credit: Erin Leigh McConnell

Having multiples can be a handful. A poker theme is a great idea for a multiples birthday theme. You can play up your “full house” with foods that reflect the four suits in the deck of cards, including any type of red or black foods like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, licorice, red and black candies, beets, and chocolate. You can even choose foods that match up the shape, such as broccoli for clubs, strawberries for hearts, asparagus for spades, or crackers and cheeses for diamonds. Have fun and be creative!

The food you choose for your party can really set the tone and enhance the theme. Try out some of these ideas if you are planning a birthday party for your twins or triplets.

What other fun food ideas have you seen for a twin or triplet birthday party? Share them with us in the comments!

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Bridget Sandorford is a freelance blog and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching pastry chef schools. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.

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Carrie, mother to 18 month old twin boys, has presently traded a lab coat for mom jeans to be a SAHM. As a research scientist, Carrie was used to problem solving and troubleshooting small tasks while keeping big picture goals in sight. As a mom, she has found her job to be quite similar. While repeating the mantras “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “this too shall pass”, Carrie and her husband managed to survive the first year as twin parents. As this second year progresses, Carrie is enjoying the small freedoms and enjoyable moments that come with toddlerhood. Carrie and her family (including dogs and cats) live in the Bay Area and enjoy good weather, good produce and good times. Carrie enjoys documenting life as a twin mom with the hopes that her stories and insights will make other peoples journey just a touch easier.

7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Twin- or Triplet-Themed Party Foods for a Twin or Triplet Birthday”

  1. These ideas are adorable! Another one I’ve seen done really well is Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2… sometimes extended to Thing 3 for triplets!

  2. I have identical triplet boys, age 7. I enjoy taking a popular design and adding more characters. So for Thomas the Train, we had 3 trains in the boys’ identifying colors.

  3. The ideas are awesome!. Planning a party for twins or triplets is really difficult. I hope the parents of twins or triplets can read this article to get some ideas on their children’s party.
    The themes are great. I’m sure the children will enjoy. This article is informative.

    Thank you for sharing !

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  5. Howdy! very love the ideas here! I’m thankful for this blog for this helpful ideas. We would love to apply this for my friends children. We are sending our heartfelt greetings to the author from my Spit Roast Catering Brisbane family.

  6. These are the cutest ideas ever. My sister recently had twin girls. I think that as the girls get older, my sister could totally make use of birthday and life event parties like this for the girls. Those peas in a pod are just adorable.

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