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Four to Adore: The Little Things Thursdays: Installment #27

Amber is the mother BBGG quadruplets. Her post is filled with cute, as one might expect with four gorgeous little ones on the cusp between babies and toddlers. My favourite part of this post is Amber’s discussion of how she’s introducing dental hygiene to her little ones. You may recall that my daughters have had a nasty time with their teeth, thanks to their prematurity. Even before I discovered the correlation between prematurity and enamel hypoplasia, I was a huge believer in starting good tooth-cleaning habits early. Great job, Amber and George!

The Lyons Den: Tuesday Tip: Take a Time Out

LyonsDenMom (Kerry) is a mom of triplets plus two. Identical triplets, at that. Her post on taking some time to recoup was just what I needed as I re-centered myself. Twins and Multiples: Products That Are Perfect for Twins

Pamela is’s guide for all things parenting multiples… and she would know. Her identical twin girls are off to college (separately) soon! Her list of twin products range from highchairs to  a twin rocking chair to a swimming float for twins.

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  1. Thank you for adding us to your Monday MoM blog picks! What a compliment. I never considered prematurity contributing to dental problems…I’m glad we started brushing early! George and I both had dental problems as children and I wanted ours to avoid them as much as possible.

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