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RebeccaD’s post on the complexity of her parenting experience over the last year really touched me. I didn’t want to muddy the waters with this week’s Monday MoM Blog Picks on Monday. Plus, I was lazy. So, here you have them on Wednesday.

Top Mommy Blogs

Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!Okay, TMB isn’t a MoM blog. It’s not even a blog. And I didn’t link to a post. Still, I discovered it recently and wanted to share it with you. Essentially, Top Mommy Blogs is a collection of mommy blogs from all over the internet and has an entire category devoted to MoM bloggers. Last I checked, there were 53 blogs listed in the Twins and Multiples category. There’s a lot of mom and MoM wisdom to be found. If you’ve been looking for MoM bloggers to add to your repertoire, this would be a great place to go looking.

The blog rankings are driven organically by blog readers choosing to click from a participating site to the TMB site. (So, please be aware that clicking on the link above or on the badge in our sidebar will count as a vote for HDYDI–one vote, no matter how many times you click in a day. We authors have agreed not to vote for our own site in the interest of fairness to other blogs who don’t have as many authors. I’m almost certain you can vote/click for as many different blogs as you want.)

There’s a lot of great information there. There’s a whole PPD category, for instance. There’s a special needs one. Maybe if we ask really nicely, Karen will consider adding a prematurity/NICU category.

The McCleary Quadruplets: Homemade Popsicles-Summer Bucket List + Giveaway

Mighty Pop Giveaway at http://www.mccleary-family.comStephanie of The McCleary Quadrupets has 4 4-year-olds, G/B/B/B quads. If you like giveaways, well, enjoy the giveaway. Stephanie is pretty active with giveaways, but she also has some wonderfully thoughtful posts about raising her kids. What I loved was that these flexible ice pop molds allow you to present unadulterated whole fruit as a healthy sweet treat to your kids. I’m always looking for simple ways to feed my family fresh, minimally processed foods.

Four to Adore: Plagiosaur, No More

http://fourtoadore.comAmber blogs at Four to Adore about raising her (B/B/G/G) quadruplet infants. Her son Mason has spent 5 months in a helmet to treat his plagiocephaly, a problematic asymmetry of the head. This a condition I first learned about from HDYDI’s own LauraC. Imagine Amber’s surprise on going into his specialist for a helmet adjustment only to learn that Mason was done with treatment and free to go through the rest of his life helmet-free. Need a pick-me-up? This is it.

Northeast Small Town Parenting: Facebook and the One-Sided Crush

Carissa, Alicia and Nicole collaborate on Northeast Small Town Parenting and share their thoughts and experiences raising several children. Carissa and Nicole are moms of twins. Carissa also has a singleton. Alicia has 3 singletons. They have a lot parenting experience between them! I loved that Nicole talks about how we behave on Facebook. Essentially she breaks Facebook into high-schoolesque types and reminds us that we’re beyond high school, and should act that way online. It made me think about my own behaviour; Facebook has been an increasing part of my online life, especially since we started HDYDI’s page. I am, without a doubt, a topic obsessed participant in Facebook. I am all twin mommy, all the time. I need to do some work to find Sadia again.

Hormonal Imbalances: Shaken

hormonal-imbalancesDiana is an army wife and a mom. She has experienced more than her share of challenges and tragedy. She went into preterm labour with twins and was treated horribly by the hospital staff. She lost both babies. Today, she’s looking in the face of possibly losing another child to an incredibly rare infection. If you’re the praying type, pray for her. If you’re the good vibes type like me, gather up all the good vibes you have and send them to little Kaden. If you know someone in the medical field who can help, who can offer some hope, please send them Diana’s way. Please.

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